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Strength Through Gardening

Welcome to our backyard retreat

Irene Lewis finds strength to keep on going through her garden.

"I’ve always enjoyed gardening but, as 2016 rolled in, our garden became a much needed refuge for my weary soul as my hubby’s health took a major detour. With an early Pacific Northwest spring, being out in our yard was exactly what I needed to feel refreshed and ready to tackle the next hurdle in helping my hubby back to wellness. As you’ll probably notice, my gardening philosophy is that you can never have enough plants… especially clematis. Enjoy!"

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Long shot of our backyard

Hosta ‘Great Expectations’ with Clematis ‘Bee’s Jubliee’

Close-up shot of Clematis ‘Bee’s Jubilee’ on trellis

Close-up shot of Clematis ‘Carnaby’

Close-up shot of Clematis ‘Vancouver Mist’

Close-up shot of Clematis ‘Louise Rowe’

Close-up shot of Clematis ‘Crystal Fountain’ with Caryopteris ‘Blue Sunshine’ in background

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  1. tree_ee 05/06/2016

    What a lovely garden to have as a respite from care-giving. Gorgeous flowers; I'd never have guessed that Louise Rowe bloom was a Clematis.

  2. user-3565112 05/06/2016

    Your clematis are beautiful & you certainly have the touch growing them. I hope your husband's health returns & everything works out well for you both. Best wishes & good luck, Joe

  3. NCYarden 05/06/2016

    Woooooooooooooo...CLEMATIS! After Japanese maples, these are one of my top plants. I agree here with you that one can never have too many plants, and clematis is definitely one of those worthy of an infinite collection. Delightful garden, and glad to hear it provides you with a respite. Gardens are wonderful in that way. Thank you for sharing.

  4. wGardens 05/06/2016

    Great photos, lovely garden. Think we need to see more! Love your clematis~ awesome!
    Best Wishes to you both~

  5. anitaberlanga 05/06/2016

    your garden is gorgeous! I'm so glad you find both strength and solace therein. Wishing you and your husband many, many more years in health and happiness!!!

  6. User avater
    meander_michaele 05/06/2016

    Good morning, Irene, thank you for sharing the pictures of your beautiful "babies" with us. You obviously have a nurturing heart... as evidenced by how your clematis are thriving and how you are devoting yourself to your husband's return to health. Wishing your husband a full recovery and you continued gardening joy.

  7. Quiltingmamma 05/06/2016

    What a lovely garden. I love purple and green - so restful to me and I can tell it is for you too. So glad you can find renewal in your personal oasis.

  8. user-4691082 05/06/2016

    Irene, I just planted caryopteris 'blue sunshine'. Mine is the size of an orange! Your combinations are stunning. I too, love clematis- mine are just starting to bloom( if it EVER stops raining!) I hope your husband is ok. Thanks for sharing.

  9. annek 05/06/2016

    Gardens are the most luxurious place to recharge. Hope wellness is in your husbands future. Thanks for sharing such beautiful blossoms and giving us a view into your garden

  10. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 05/06/2016

    Glad this great garden has been a recharger for you and wishing you both all the best of health. Love the foliage combos with the clematis, and it's probably just me, but I love the clematis flower buds almost as much as the flowers, and often the seed heads aren't too shabby, either!

  11. sheila_schultz 05/06/2016

    I never fail to be amazed at the peace and renewal of spirit gardening can give, whether digging or deadheading it seems to sooth the soul. Your blooms are stunning, Irene, and the long view of your garden is so enticing... much more please! I sincerely hope your husband is well on his way to good health. Thank you for this lovely post.

  12. GrannyMay 05/06/2016

    Irene, I wish you strength and peace of mind in your fight for your hubby's health. Your garden is fabulous, a beautiful place to enjoy simply being, to absorb its healing powers.

  13. GrannyCC 05/06/2016

    Irene, thinking of you and your husband in your beautiful garden oasis. I am sure it is a source of delight for you both. Love all your Clematis. Such beautiful full flowers.Good luck to you both.

  14. schatzi 05/06/2016

    Beautiful! Best of health and joy to you both.

  15. User avater
    LindaonWhidbey 05/06/2016

    Irene, you certainly have the touch with those Clematis. Just beautiful. The only ones that seem to thrive in our NW garden are the evergreen spring flowering types like "Avalanche". We have a couple of blues planted that are starting to fill out so maybe...but I haven't even gotten my hopes up enough to remember their names. I hope that your hubby is also able to feel the healing powers of your garden just by sitting and absorbing it's peace and beauty. If time allows, please send some other pics, especially when that Caryopteris starts to bloom.

  16. Meelianthus 05/06/2016

    Goodmorning Irene ~ Your clematis are just beautiful and I love the 'Crystal Fountain' peaking thru the Caryopteris, really striking! The long-shot of your yard looks so interesting and would sure love to see more. I hope the serenity of your gardens will power you thru your husbands trauma. Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos

  17. Cenepk10 05/07/2016

    Ditto what Sheila Schultz said. So gorgeous.... Ahhhh

  18. janeeliz 05/08/2016

    OOOohhhh, scrumptious! Clematis are the queens of my garden ,too, altho sometimes they drive me CRAZY. I do believe they are a test of our least mine. YOURS look absolutely fantastic, as does your whole garden.

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