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Gardening in Rural Missouri

Expansive views and beautiful flowers

Today we’re visiting Christina Stiern’s garden.

A friend persuaded me to submit a few of my photos. These are from my gardens and property in Defiance, Missouri. Enjoy!

Looking out across the yard. This part of the property is probably five acres.

Late blooming dayliliesLate-blooming daylilies (Hemerocallis hybrid), variety unknown. I picked this plant up at a local nursery, but it didn’t have tags on it. I took this photo on July 30, and it’s still going strong!

Allium MilleniumAllium ‘Millenium’ (Zones 3–9), with a tiny visitor near the top.

Tiger liliesTiger lilies (Lillium lancifolium, Zones 3–8) in the setting sun.

purple coneflowersBlooming purple coneflowers (Echinacea purpurea, Zones 3–8). Most of these plants are volunteers. (Editor’s note: Purple coneflowers can act as short-lived perennials, so letting them self-seed is a great way to ensure you have them blooming in the garden year after year.)

My borrowed view across the driveway, into the neighbor’s cornfield.

‘Pee Gee’ hydrangea (Hydrangea paniculata ‘Pee Gee’, Zones 3–8). I’ve never seen the flowers turn such a vibrant shade of pink, and I’ve had this plant for seven years.


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  1. User avater
    treasuresmom 08/13/2020

    Oh, my! Would love to take a quilt, book, and thermos of coffee out in that wide space. Just beautiful!!

    1. TamingRuggedAcres 08/13/2020

      Thanks, @treasuresmom! I have a rock that I perch on to look out on that vista but I’ve never brought it to picnic status. Great idea!

  2. User avater
    simplesue 08/13/2020

    It was so refreshing to see your garden photos and the beautiful serene country land with the rolling hills and no people or house our cars in sight.
    Also I'm growing some Purple Cone Flowers and learned from this post that they are short lived perennials and they should be allowed to seed...good info to know.
    Your lilies are spectacular!

    1. TamingRuggedAcres 08/13/2020

      Thanks, @SimpleSue! I think that’s my favorite thing about where I live — being able to truly get away from it all, and I love our distraction-free views. (What’s funny is that I noticed we’ve started vacationing in cities for different scenery.) I love coneflowers; they’re such reliable bloomers and attract so many pollinators.

  3. peggyneer 08/13/2020

    I have visited her property and it is just gorgeous. She would need to publish a book to show all the serene, beautiful flowers and landscaping at her home. She is a young lady very spirited and in love with nature and what she offers. She is truly an inspiration to others.

    1. TamingRuggedAcres 08/13/2020

      Thanks for all of your love and confidence in me, @peggyneer!

  4. Sunshine111 08/13/2020

    Such a soothing landscape 😊❤️

    1. TamingRuggedAcres 08/13/2020

      Thank you, @dvngardener!

  5. btucker9675 08/13/2020


    1. TamingRuggedAcres 08/13/2020

      Thanks, @BTucker9675!

  6. cheryl_c 08/13/2020

    Love your picture of the lily with the sun behind. Is it a Martagan? I've been really interested in those because they reportedly will grow in part sun. Your ratibida pinnata (grey head coneflower) is a favorite of mine and all the goldfinches here in SW Missouri - it is fun to see them land on the tall slender stems that then bend and sway with them hanging on for the ride! Please send more photos soon.

    1. TamingRuggedAcres 08/13/2020

      Thanks, @cheryl_c! That’s just a standard old-fashioned tiger lily. I haven’t tried growing Martagon lilies. I was pretty excited to see so many of the grey headed coneflowers growing this year, and I too, enjoy seeing the birds pick away at them. You can see more of my garden on Instagram @TamingRuggedAcres.

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