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Garden visiting through the eyes of a 5-year-old

Photo/Illustration: K. Wotzak

A couple of weeks ago I dragged my husband and daughter out with me to visit some gardens on a Garden Conservancy Open Day in northwestern Connecticut. To keep her happier longer, I gave my daughter my old cell phone so that she could take some photos of things she liked throughout the day. I just remembered to take a look, and this is what I found. It’s so interesting to see what a 5-year-old deems worthy to remember with a picture.

Photo/Illustration: K. Wotzak
Photo/Illustration: K. Wotzak
Photo/Illustration: K. Wotzak
Photo/Illustration: K. Wotzak
Photo/Illustration: K. Wotzak
Photo/Illustration: K. Wotzak
Photo/Illustration: K. Wotzak


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  1. Chefin1950 08/03/2011

    I strongly suggest you set your daughter's eyes behind a camera more often; she seems to have a very good idea of what makes a good photo!

  2. LynnFG 08/03/2011

    I completely agree with the above statement. Simply wow. Lynn

  3. Lisianne 08/03/2011

    It's amazing how centered the last photo is! Does she look at your photos? I can't imagine a 5 year old looking at MY garden photos... I agree with Chefin190 above: she has a basic understanding of what a decent photo is!

  4. Deanneart 08/03/2011

    Wowza, she's only 5 and framed these pics with a cell phone camera? Amazing ability to see a shot. She's seriously got a good eye Michelle. Great pics my friend!

  5. betsye 08/03/2011

    Those pictures are great! Only 5 yrs old?!

  6. mksbrown 08/03/2011

    I think your daughter already has a career in phototgraphy at age 5 if she desires. Great photos. For my ego I hope you had to edit out a few and not every photo was as perfect as the ones shown.

  7. rwotzak 08/03/2011

    I saw the entire collection of pics, and yes, the ones selected are the cream of the crop. But, I'm still super impressed with how she frames her shots. It probably helps that she's been around photographers--especially garden photographers--for pretty much all of her life.

  8. user-7006900 08/03/2011

    That is wonderful! Glad you get to spend time with your daughter like that.

    My little girls favorite thing to do is take pictures with me our garden. It is precious time together.

  9. KidsNPets 08/03/2011

    Wow, I am humbled. I have long been trying to take garden photos and maybe 1 in 600 comes out really well. I enjoy your photos very much and study many of them to learn. I used, not great, but reasonably good equipment. That a 5 year old took these photos and with a cell ohone camera no less. I think I might hang up my camera. I will just never have anywhere near that kind of talent. Please tell your daughter that she already fans.

  10. greatdanes 08/03/2011

    A 5yr. old is naturally set at a different viewing angle; something we've long lost. Uninhibited by opinions and set rules they can use their natural imagination incorporated into what they want to photo. Beautifully pure! I took better pictures at 8 & 9 than I do now (55)and I had to beg my folks to allow me take a few pictures as that was certainly, to them going to be a waste of film. I surprised them too.

  11. wanderinggardener 08/03/2011

    You have a budding photographer and/or garden designer on your hands. It takes a good eye to see the beauty in another's handiwork.

  12. sheilaschultz 08/03/2011

    Miss K. is amazing, although you already knew that! Maybe she can give me lessons some day?

  13. MichelleGervais 08/03/2011

    Thanks everyone! Kaia took about 25 shots that day (I need to teach her how to take HUNDREDS in a day, like me--yow!), and these were the best. She's definitely a visual kid. I'm so proud! I think a new and better camera will have to be on Santa's list this year...

  14. MoonSoul 08/03/2011

    WOW!!! You need to get that girl her own camera! She has quite and eye for photo's, and who knows she may become a professional one day........

  15. paiya 08/03/2011

    Kaia, obviously, has inherited/learned her mother's great eyes for gardens and photography........did she get it from her father too?

  16. MichelleGervais 08/04/2011

    Thanks, Paiya! Her dad's genes don't hurt. He's a web producer over at, as well as a carpenter and ornamental blacksmith. She can't help but be creative!

  17. cindyno1 08/07/2011

    those are pretty amazing shots for a five year old, but of course girls are usually ahead of their age. I could get her her own camera...she obviously is paying attention to what you do and that is wonderful.

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