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Fall in Nancy’s garden in Oregon (7 photos)

The fall color of a Japanese maple and a smoke bush (Cotinus coggygria cv.) and the wet street of an Oregon November.
Photo/Illustration: All photos courtesy of Nancy Sarpola

Wow, I am LOVING all the fall photos you guys have been sending in! Such beautiful scenes, and today we’re sharing another batch, from Nancy Sarpola, who we visited just a couple of weeks ago (refresh your memory HERE).

The near-black foliage of Daphne x houtteana with a gold variegated Japanese forest grass beginning to take on fall colors to the right of it.

Nancy says, “Here are some pictures of early November, pretty much the last hurrah until late winter in our garden in Corvallis, Oregon.”

The fall color of Cornus ‘Hedgerow’s Gold’. It remains attractive all winter because the stems are bright red after the leaves are gone.

Nancy, that oakleaf hydrangea and Japanese maple photo, all by itself, made me swoon. So beautiful. Thanks for sending these in!

A cluster of berries from Callicarpa bodinieri ‘Girard Profusion’.

**** The push is still on–get outside and take some last minute shots, or compile a few you took earlier in the season. I’ll be eternally grateful…. Email them to [email protected]. Thanks! ****

Camellia sasanqua ‘Hana Jiman’ is in full bloom.
The flowers of Tricyrtis ‘Kohaku’.
The fall color of our oakleaf hydrangea with some of the bright red leaves of the Japanese maple that have fallen onto them.

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  1. user-1020932 11/12/2013

    i'm loving all the fall shots too and even a little excited about winter coming. i enjoy it until 2 january then i'm ready for spring. i think i NEED that black Daphne here at home. thanks, Nancy , for turning me on to that plant

  2. soilsister8 11/12/2013

    Marvelous Nancy. We who live in zone 4-5 are so envious of the benign climate in which you garden! Thank you so much for the captions on each photo. I wish everyone would use them. They let one glean so much more.

  3. flowerladydi 11/12/2013

    Fall IS my favorite time of year,,, and your pictures just keep adding to it!

    Love the Callicarpa!,,, kind of a boring bush most of the year ( I have one too ), but it redeems itself in Fall!,,,, and the Tricyrtis!, love it! Mine blooms mid summer,, I always wished it would wait, but for some reason thinks it need to bloom then,,, love your variety, I will have to look for that one!,, and then of course the Oak Leaf leaves,,,, Fabulous!!!!

    Thank you for sharing!

  4. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 11/12/2013

    Beautiful combinations!

  5. User avater
    meander_michaele 11/12/2013

    I always let go with a gentle sigh of envy when I see a picture displaying so beautifully Japanese Forest grass and your second picture down did the trick. It is set off so beautifully with its color contrasting companions. Does it go dormant in the winter?
    That variety of red twigged dogwood is quite an eye catcher...a real 4 season stunner!

  6. bee1nine 11/12/2013

    A FAB FALL FEAST OF COLOR!! Thanks Nancy!

  7. pattyspencer 11/12/2013

    Beautiful fall colors! Thanks too for the captions - they are a great help!!

  8. wGardens 11/12/2013

    Lovely! Those Japanese leaves on the Hydrangea leaves... awesome! What is behind the Callicarpa? Thanks for sharing!

  9. tractor1 11/12/2013

    Wonderful autumn colors!

  10. wildthyme 11/12/2013

    OK, we need more of you zone 4 folks to send in some pictures, because I'm getting depressed looking at all the gorgeous plants I can't grow here! Seriously, the camellia, maples, & forest grass are among my favorites, and your photos show why. The first 2 will not survive here outside, but I do baby one small camellia in the greenhouse and I'm experimenting with a forest grass this year in a VERY protected area. Is that Cotinus "Grace" (my new favorite shrub/tree)?

  11. sheila_schultz 11/12/2013

    Great photos, Nancy. The shot with the oakleaf hydrangea is worthy of a prominent place on one of your walls!

  12. GrannyMay 11/12/2013

    Nancy your garden is amazing, so it is always great to see even little bits of it! I'm sure your garden talk went well, especially since it was to be accompanied by the great photos you take. Love the Tricyrtis - I had to look it up to remind myself why I don't have it. Does yours grow in a moist area or does it cope with summer drought? I think it is Lonicera nitida ‘Baggesen's Gold’ behind the Callicarpa.

  13. OregonGardenGal 11/12/2013

    It's fun to send pictures to Michelle to post because there is such a great group of people who take time to comment and encourage. Just want to say thanks! GrannyMay is right about the Lonicera nitida 'Baggesens Gold' behind the Callicarpa. It's a great golden/chartreuse background for all things purple! Meander1, you are one of those faithful, kind commenters. The Forest Grass does go dormant but the colors and graceful drape of the foliage is tops. I try to grow some evergreen things for winter but the days are so short in Oregon during December and January, I'm at work and don't see the garden much anyway! (Which also makes me pretty anxious by January 2 tntreeman!) The cotinus is either 'Royal Purple' or 'Velvet Cloak'. I love 'Grace' too, wildthyme! The talk hasn't happened yet. I'm still sweating PowerPoint!! (Fortunately, I have kids who know this kind of stuff)

  14. greengenes 11/12/2013

    Just beautiful! I finally found out the name of my cornus! I have one just like that so putting the names of plants on there is very helpful! Thanks

  15. GardenersWK 11/12/2013

    Splendid colors and textures! The Callicarpa is a new favorite for me but unfortunately I hacked it all the way to the ground last winter and now is very small and limp. Never listen to nursery men who post videos on-line!
    My Oak-leaf hydrangea has barely turned colors and today the snow completely covered the foliage. I hope that snow will melt fast and we get a few more days of fall.

  16. OregonGardenGal 11/12/2013

    GrannyMae, I missed the question about tricyrtis! Sorry! It needs moisture. I have them growing in several places and the happiest one is in the wettest spot. In Spring when it comes up, I try to keep ahead of the slugs because they love it. My current favorite is Tricyrtis 'Empress' which I have only had for a year and didn't get a photo of this fall. The form is a little less rangy than the 'Kohaku' and the flowers a little bigger. They are all pretty small but worth stopping to look at!

  17. GrannyMay 11/12/2013

    Nancy, thanks for the information on your Tricyrtis. The spot I would have put it into is bone-dry shade most of the time, so I guess "Right plant, right place" means I should not even try.

  18. cwheat000 11/12/2013

    Those are some beautiful fall shots. You have chosen some really special plant material. That camellia is a stunner.

  19. janeeliz 11/12/2013

    Great fall garden, Nancy! Love your callicarpa ,toadlily, and gorgeous camellia-wish I could grow them but too cold here. The contrasts between the oakleaf hydrangea and the red maple leaves are stunning!

  20. thegardenlady 11/13/2013

    Your last photo, oakleaf hydrangea with red Japanese Maple leaves, is absolutely stunning. Those of us who live far south enjoy (and envy) the beautiful fall compositions those further north are sharing.

  21. user-6536305 12/05/2017

    How could you possibly have so many plants in 1/4 acres? Stunning!

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