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Evening reflection

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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais

Garden designer Laura Crockett created this garden lantern from a reclaimed streetlight. Placing it next to a water feature more than doubles its appeal as the sun goes down. Water’s not just for sound and movement in a garden, it’s a useful tool to reflect not only the sky, but also great views and objects in your garden.

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  1. arboretum 06/22/2010

    i just LOVE this romantic notion. It is the closest thing i have seen to the effects of the floating bags-holding- candles that are the amazing highlight of the Japanese Lantern festival held every July here at Forest Hills Cemetery, to remember the dead. now this is one water light I really want to duplicate here at the 'retum. i guess the next thing is to find a source for reproduction street lamps...
    thanks so much for this inspiration,Laura.
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  2. apnonimus 06/22/2010

    Wow, good idea on re-using something but I bet that uses a TON of electricity if it used to be a street lamp. Seems like more of a disservice to the earth just to have some light in your garden at night. Not to mention it interfering with your plants' photoperiodism.

  3. user-7006887 06/22/2010

    apnonimus, it's not the entire instrument, it's just the translucent lampcover.

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