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Today’s photos come from Jackie Stasevich, with some inspiring images from Kalamazoo, Michigan, from last summer.

Over the last few years, the Master Gardeners in our county have been renovating the gardens around our fairgrounds. Each year, they change up some of them, making them an educational attraction to the public visiting during the fair. This year they added a rain garden in a previously swampy area. It worked perfectly, as we daily empty out a large stock tank full of water used for swimming ducklings. The rain garden absorbed it, all the while looking beautiful. At the entrance to the livestock barns was a little garden full of flowers that lit up at night with power from a small solar charger. To inspire those with extra small gardening areas, a garden was created especially for the pollinators and others. I wonder what the Master Gardeners will plan for next year!

apartment gardenAn apartment garden is inspiration for those who want to garden but don’t think they have the space.

children’s gardenA children’s garden, full of flowers and some edible plants, is a great place to play and learn more about the plants that make up our world.

container vegetable gardenA container vegetable garden highlights varieties that can be grown in pots.

The flower garden at the entrance to the livestock barns was full of tough, long-blooming annuals to give a long-lasting display.

At night the watering-can sculpture lit up!

rain gardenThis swampy area was transformed into a rain garden, full of native plants that thrive with the extra moisture. (If you are interested in creating a rain garden to help manage water on your property, see our article on them here.)

pollinator gardenThe pollinator garden had signage to educate those walking by.


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  1. User avater
    treasuresmom 02/27/2020

    Love to see Master Gardeners working in a community. Thanks for sharing.

  2. User avater
    bdowen 02/27/2020

    Wonderful projects to inform and inspire new gardeners- especially the "apartment gardens". Fine Gardening's broad vistas through gorgeous gardens are lovely but not everyone has that space or time though still might like to connect with nature in a smaller space. A garden can be a flower pot!

  3. User avater
    simplesue 02/27/2020

    Such a cool idea to create themed garden displays to inspire and educate others on gardening! Very nice!

  4. btucker9675 02/27/2020

    What a terrific idea! Hopefully people went home and put what they saw into practice - especially people who may have thought they didn't have enough space.

  5. Sasha_HMS 03/06/2020

    Educational gardens means dealing with beginners.
    Beginners have trouble figuring out how much sunlight a place might get.
    To the rescue: A new app in the Google Play Store will quickly analyze a location and tell you exactly how much sun or shade it will get.
    Have Fun!.

  6. ArauB 12/06/2020

    I'm passionate about garden. I'm retired at the moment and got nothing to do. Here is my second hobby!

  7. TimothyBatiste 03/29/2021

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