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Easier Composting with the Green Cycler

Have you ever wished for a gardening gadget that would make composting easier? The Green Cycler may be just what you need.

The Green Cycler is a hand-operated, countertop appliance designed to shred food scraps into pre-compost.
Photo/Illustration: Jodi Torpey

Every gardener I know understands the benefits of composting. It’s a great way to take ordinary kitchen waste and turn it into the rich crumbly material that improves soil structure, grows healthier plants and helps conserve resources.

But just because gardeners understand the benefits, it doesn’t mean composting is easy. Some gardeners have small space gardens that won’t accommodate a compost bin, others lose interest because composting takes too long.

A new gardening gadget called the Green Cycler is designed to make composting easier for everyone. This hand-operated, countertop unit has a self-contained shredding cartridge that easily turns kitchen waste into “pre-compost.”

The advantage to pre-composting food waste is that the smaller scraps help speed the composting process because the scraps will decompose faster.

The Green Cycler ($99.99 to $149.00) is made in the USA and received the 2013 Pinnacle Award for best new product at the National Hardware Show. It’s an attractive appliance that reduces the work of saving food scraps for the compost pile. The company’s motto is “Life is short, compost fast!”

I received a Green Cycler to try in my kitchen and I’m pleased to say, it lives up to its marketing. The unit fits on the countertop near the sink, so I can toss in vegetable peels, apple cores, lemon rinds or egg shells while preparing meals. The company says the shredder blades will also make quick work of avocado peels and pits.

A feature of the Green Cycler that I especially appreciate is the reusable Super Green Zeo Filter. The filter sits in a special compartment inside the unit to absorb odors. Made from 100 percent natural, toxin-absorbing zeolite, the filter is rechargeable when exposed to sunlight.

I’m also glad that all of the parts are easy to access and easy to clean. After I use the shredder, I pull out the handle, remove the cartridge and rinse it in the sink.

The Green Cycler is held in place with suction cups and the shredded material lands in the ecodrawer. Some gardeners have been known to take a full drawer of scraps (eight pounds) to bury in the garden and skip the compost bin completely.

This food recycling system is ideal for organic gardeners, gardeners with small space gardens, and impatient gardeners. Worm farmers will find the shredded food scraps the perfect size for feeding their herd.

The Green Cycler is simply the newest way to help gardeners go green.


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