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Diane’s garden in Illinois, revisited

Pink poppy. Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Diane Jaeger

We visited Diane Jaeger’s garden in Chicago Heights, Illinois, back in June (refresh your memory HERE), but she only gave us a tiny glimpse. She’s back today with more.

Hostas and an old lamp. Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Diane Jaeger

She says, “I finally got a few more photos together from different parts of the yard. I was in a local garden walk this month, so I HAD to get things in fairly good shape.”

Door with climbing rose and ‘Black Lace’ sambucus, ‘Tiger Eyes’ sumac underneath. Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Diane Jaeger

It’s more than in “fairly good shape,” Diane, it’s beautiful! Thanks for following up!

***Much more info in the captions***

Annie…and tricolor beech and globosa spruce on standard. Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Diane Jaeger

This is prime time to take some photos in your garden. So get out there with your cameras and send some in! Email them to [email protected].

Oakleaf hydrangea, Hinoki cypress on Standard, ‘Viridis’ cutleaf Japanese maple in the background, ribbon grass, and a rose. Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Diane Jaeger
Microbiota decussata (Russian cypress) on standard (although you can not see the standard as it is now cascading into the yard), weeping white pine behind it, ‘Angelina’ sedum, vinca, rose. Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Diane Jaeger
Ligularia (‘Britt Marie Crawford’), thread-leaf chamaecyparis on standard, oakleaf hydrangea. Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Diane Jaeger
‘Cole’s Prostrate’ hemlock with ‘Gretchen’s Rose’ Japanese maple and pale pink impatiens, which did NOT succumb to the virus! Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Diane Jaeger
Most of the front yard. I have also planted the parkway, but can not get it all into the photos, and do not want to inundate you with too many more! Will send one more… Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Diane Jaeger
Annie and Noot (Chamaecyparis nootkatensis), with ‘Snow’ chamaecyparis, Japanese ferns, etc. Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Diane Jaeger
This photo has many different things: a ‘Daubs Frosted’ juniper on standard with a fairy from a dear friend, as well as a prostrate one, foliage from my ‘Covey’ Lavender Twist redbud, a ‘Purpurea Pendula’ beech, next to him a ‘VanDenAkker’ chamaecyparis–as far as I know, the most slender of them all, he will reach approx 30 feet tall, but never be wider than he is now, which is only about l0 inches or so. Also, ‘Helen Von Stein’ stachys Houttuynia cordata (chameleon plant). I know that is one of the most aggressive things around, but I have been able to kind of keep it in check, and I love the colors…so nice against the gray of Helen, and picks up the yellow of Daubs. Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Diane Jaeger


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  1. user-1020932 08/19/2013

    great space, Diane, and full of many of my favorite things. send more photos and DO inundate Michelle's Inbox

  2. wGardens 08/19/2013

    Enjoyed your photos very much... appreciate all the identification of your great plants. Love the use of the more unusual varieties/cultivars. Totally agree with tntreeman!

  3. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 08/19/2013

    lush and beautiful. love the sambucus and sumac combo. definitely worth copying!

  4. User avater
    meander_michaele 08/19/2013

    Hi, Diane, thanks for the second round of pictures and feeding our addiction! Your garden must have been a real treat for all those who visited during the open walk. I would have moved very slowly because you have so many interesting plants to see. You make such good use of the various evergreens you have growing in the standard form. I'm sure your garden has a great deal of winter interest and things look very intriguing wien snow covered. Annie must be one happy kitty with such a wonderful wonderland to prowl about.

  5. crizmo 08/19/2013

    At first glance, I thought today's photo was a Georgia O'Keeffe. Very nice garden Diane.

  6. Jay_Sifford 08/19/2013

    Diane, what a great garden. I have a bit of garden envy because you are growing some plants I love but just won't do well here with our heat and humidity. Great conifers and beeches! I too love the chamaecyparis nootkatensis 'Van Den Akker'. I believe it is the narrowest one. If you grow pendulous larix, thanks for not posting a photo... I hate to start my week with that much envy inside me!

  7. pattyspencer 08/19/2013

    Beautiful - very lush and inviting

  8. cwheat000 08/19/2013

    Diane, I love the way you have blended all your wonderful conifers into your garden. You have given me some good ideas. Those garden walkers got lucky. It is a joy to take a video tour.

  9. GrannyMay 08/19/2013

    Beautiful front yard, Diane. Love your use of so many varieties of trees. One of my favourite conifers is Chamaecyparis nootkatensis. We purchased our previous home because we slowed down to admire the graceful "Noot" in front and then saw that the house was for sale.

  10. sheila_schultz 08/19/2013

    Diane, your gardens have so many intriguing layers, they are feast for my eyes. Unknowingly, you also reminded me of the name of a tree I love but always forget it's name... the tri-color beech! Thank you for giving my feeble mind the boost it needed to start the week.

  11. user-1020932 08/19/2013

    rained out,,,,,,,again so i'm taking another look see here. Diane you rock! and your garden is groovy too. if i happened to drive down a street and see a front yard planting like yours,,, i would stop and introduce myself just so i could see your garden. anyone with a front yard like that has to be welcoming and FUN to visit with. gardeners usually are . envious of your beeches seems borers get to them here before i know it

  12. tractor1 08/19/2013

    What a wonderful display of specimen plantings, I love all those trees... I have an American Beech and a weeping copper beech, and now I need a tri-color beech. I like how your home sets proudly on that knoll and how you took advantage of the slope to display the many layers of plantings... and I especially like your choice of dark organic mulch, looks so rich, there's obviously no erosion problem. Thank you Diane, I love your gardening, and Annie is a treasure.

    I'm a bit late today, had to pick up fifteen 3 cu. yd. bags of bine bark nuggets I had ordered, the local feed and grain is the only place around that carries the large nuggets, makes great looking mulch and lasts a long time.

  13. flowerladydi 08/19/2013

    Thank you all for the wonderful comments!

    I am flattered by the ' Georgia O'Keefe ' comment Crizmo! -:},,, Thank you!,,
    Jay,,,I have a young weeping larch,, he needs to come into his own yet,,,and you are right,, Van Den Akker IS the narrowest of the Noots,,My yard is actually VERY small,, hence, tall narrow trees and lots of standards,, I am addicted to different and unusual,,,and TRY to cram in as much as possible. We are a zone 5a,,, but I have been fortunate enough to have ( not pictured ) a dwarf ( I think! ) Atlas Cedar!!!!,,, he is in a sort of micro climate area,, so ,, so far, after 2 winters, he is still OK!
    And Granny Mae,, I can TOTALLY understand your love of Noot!!! Glad you were able to purchase the house!!! When I got mine,, my first ' funky ' tree about l0 years ago,, I thought they were the ugliest things I had ever seen!,,, so,, mine
    ( and I now have 3 ) is very ' tame ',, uniform etc.,,,my Pendula is bit more contorted, but even he is fairly tame.,,, I have seen some FABULOUS things, but have no more room for anything large, and I HATE to prune these guys!
    Sheila,, glad I could help with the Tre-color name for you!
    Tractor 1,,, thank you, and yes, Annie IS a treasure!,, and glad you like the nuggets!,, I agree.. they are not easy to find, and DO last a long time!,,, and now tntreeman,,, thank you for 2 comments today!!! and Yes, if you are ever in the area,,,, please DO stop by and introduce yourself!! I would LOVE to show you around,,, so again,, I truly thank everyone for all you kind comments,,

  14. janeeliz 08/19/2013

    Diane, I love your garden. So many wonderful conifers in great combinations! Annie fits in beautifully, too....there's nothing like a cat in a garden-altho I have had a few that drove me crazy leaping and crashing through fragile perennials after butterflies and other insects. Annie appears to be better behaved.

  15. ankie147 04/20/2019

    Human combination with the plants and tree look very attractive. This is one of the great windows 10 settings pictures which I have seen here. Thanks a lot for provide the easy option here.

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