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Dennis’s visit to Bressingham Gardens in England

Today’s photos are from Dennis Rawe in Stratford, Ontario. He says, “Here are twelve of several hundred pictures that I photographed whilst visiting Bressingham Gardens near Diss in Norfolk, UK. Six acres of perennial heaven. Wonderful lawns, attractive lines of the gardens, incredible variety of shrubs and perennials – in fact an exhilarating pleasure just walking.”

Gorgeous, Dennis! Oh, I so need to get to England one day…..Thanks for the virtual tour!!

—-I’ve not been getting many submissions lately! Have we all lost our momentum in the heat of summer? I wanna see what’s shakin’ in your gardens, GPODers! Send me the goods! Email me at [email protected].—-

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  1. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 06/18/2014

    I'm not usually a fan of well-manicured lawn, but surrounded by those amazing beds, looks amazing, inviting and is a great foil for the gardens. So cool.

  2. GrannyMay 06/18/2014

    Thank you Dennis for sharing these photos. Such a beautiful place to visit! I absolutely love stone walls, especially the ones that look like they have been there forever, like the round-topped one and the mossy one by the pond. Adding these to the garden I am building in my dreams.

  3. User avater
    meander_michaele 06/18/2014

    Ha, Dennis, I don't know whether to thank you or curse you...these pictures are proof that perfection can be achieved...I can no longer delude myself that it isn't possible! Really, though, that had to be such a wonderful trip and sooo inspiring. I can well imagine that it was hard not to take a thousand many beautiful plant combinations, gracious sweeping garden bed curves and mature trees. And, I'm with GrannyMay in feeling my heart swell with appreciation for those history laden stone walls. Thanks for sharing these photos.

  4. Meelianthus 06/18/2014

    WOW ! Amazingly beautiful ! Thank you for sharing these gardens Dennis.

  5. jerrysiss 06/18/2014

    Beautifuul. Wonder how large the maintenance crew is.

  6. GrannyCC 06/19/2014

    Thanks for sharing. Love those borders. I just wish I could enlarge the pictures like in the old days of GPOD. It is hard to see what plants they are using.

  7. perenniallycrazy 06/19/2014

    Perennial heaven indeed! I'm with Granny CC - I need to see the details. Thanks for the tour Dennis.

  8. User avater
    HelloFromMD 06/20/2014

    One of my first garden books I bought and studied was 'Blooms of Bressingham by Alan & Adrian Bloom. I was intrigued by creating islands to grow perennials. Later I bought 'Gardening with Conifers' by Adrian Bloom and photographs by his son Richard Bloom. What a family! And what they have done for gardening!

  9. User avater
    HelloFromMD 06/20/2014

    I would like to echo GrannCC's comment. I miss being able to enlarge the photos! You never know when you will get inspired so I love to study garden photos. Great learning tool.

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