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Tatyana’s visit to Lakewold Gardens in Washington, Day 2

Photo/Illustration: All photos courtesy of Tatyana Searcy

Welcome to Day 2 of photos from Tatyana Searcy’s (revisit Tatyana’s own garden HERE & HERE) autumn visit to Lakewold Gardens.

If you missed it yesterday, Tatyana said, “I’d like to show you some autumn pictures of the historic Lakewold Gardens in Lakewood, Washington. I took the pictures while attending the 15th Annual Lakewold Gardens Beautiful Tables Showcase. It’s always a treat to see this corner of the Pacific Northwest created by the great American garden designer Thomas Church and Eulalie Wagner.”

Thanks for introducing us to this lovely place, Tatyana! It’s definitely going on my list of gardens to visit.

HAPPY NEW YEAR’S EVE, EVERYONE! Be safe tonight, and go easy on that champagne, would ya? Fond farewell to 2013–let’s hope that 2014 is EVEN MORE GARDENTASTIC!

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  1. pattyspencer 12/31/2013

    So many pretty pretty pictures - I love them all

  2. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 12/31/2013

    That last photo gives me the urge to go plant shopping. Have a happy new year's eve!

  3. User avater
    meander_michaele 12/31/2013

    I seem to be a sucker for things that are covered in moss and lichens and show signs of age (I will restrain from making a crack about looking in the mirror...oops, I just did). I am especially mesmerized and enthralled with the photo that features the backlit tree with the contorted branching. Upon enlarging it, I feel I even see some fern fronds springing and clinging to life along its branches.
    Tatyana, your pictures are so beautifully alive with interesting details. I feel like I am getting to enjoy this gorgeous public garden in a very intimate way. Thank you.

  4. wGardens 12/31/2013

    Love these photos too. I so appreciate the mature plantings... beautiful! Love the bench with the moss, also. Thanks for sharing!

  5. bethnbijoux 12/31/2013

    Lakewold Gardens are truly lovely and Tatyana, you have quite the artist's eye!! Beautifully composed photos. Thank you for sharing!

  6. annek 12/31/2013

    Beautiful photographs. The serenity, colors, lush foliage and ancient feel make me want to jump in the car and visit. Nice job of capturing Eden!

    I've so enjoyed all you GPOD-ers throughout the year and look forward to another year of plant learning, laughing and longing

  7. tractor1 12/31/2013

    I'm mesmerized by that thick slab table, with its moss and salad bowl. You do all realize that at midnight all those aged plantings return to seedlings and begin all over again for a new year. Todays photos are even better than yesterdays... thank you Tatyana.

    A Happy & Healthy New Year to All... and especially to Michelle for making all this enjoyment possible.

  8. GreenGrammy 12/31/2013

    I'd like to piggyback on everyone else's comments--just gorgeous, an intimate tour of an ageless, almost holy place--thank you. Also thanks to Michelle for bringing us all together in such joy, beauty, and laughter every day. A most happy and healthy new gardening year to all!

  9. GrannyMay 12/31/2013

    Love the moss and the hanging ferns. A beautiful way to end this year! Thank you Tatyana, Michelle, and everyone else on GPOD! Best Wishes for 2014!

  10. Aarchman07030 12/31/2013

    Another day of knockout photos--thanks so much for sharing, Tatyana.

    I'm ending the year deep in the woods of the Cape Cod National Seashore--scrub pine, lichen and moss, silver Birches and white-tailed deer, all covered this morning by a couple of inches of snow. A perfectly unspoiled landscape that needs no improvement by us.

    Happy New Year to all the GPOD'ers--looking forward to another year of inspiration and education from all of you!

  11. ancientgardener 01/01/2014

    I don't comment often and usually later in the day after the rest of you have spoken and gone about your business, but I just wanted to thank Michelle for providing us all so much pleasure and to say HAPPY NEW YEAR to each one, I do follow your comments daily and have given each of you a face and personality of my own devising :) -- In 10 minutes it will be 2014 -- may it be a good year for all!!

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