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Deidre’s garden in upstate New York

Photo/Illustration: All photos courtesy of Deidre Gilchrest

Today’s photos are from Deidre Gilchrest. She says, “I live in upstate New York where the summers are hot and humid and the winters are forever long. These are some photos of my garden.

“This spring/summer I’m making big changes for the better in my gardens, and I can’t wait for warm, dry weather. Where I live the soil is clay so much work goes into keeping it plant-worthy. We compost continually and just like clockwork every spring the flooding washes away all the good work we did the season before so we start the process all over again.

“I have such a love for gardening and have learned much through trial and error and have learned patience. The greatest compliment I have received was from a neighbor who asked to come through the gate to see my gardens and her friend said, ‘Look at all the birds.’ And my neighbor said, ‘Well if I was a bird this is where I’d want to be.’ Made my day!

“Usually in the warmer months you can always find me in my gardens from sunup till sundown. In my gardens you’ll find yuccas, mock orange, marsh marrigolds, hydrangeas of all types, roses, clematis, and honeysuckle, to name a few. There is something for everyone, and then some. Enjoy the view.”

So, so nice, Deidre. Send more pics! —-Check out Deidre’s blog HERE! She is one TALENTED woman.

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  1. perenniallycrazy 04/07/2014

    So lush and inviting Diedre! Such a labor of love. Can't wait to see more and hear about the changes that you've made and how they worked out for you.

  2. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 04/07/2014

    Such an enticing garden, for birds and people. The great stone arrangement, paths and hedges really compliment the plantings.

  3. flowerladydi 04/07/2014

    Good morning Diedre!

    It is Lovely!!! I especially love the first pic with your winding path,, love how you have repeated the color with the barberry and japanese maple,and with your ferns in front of the maple, it just makes it ' pop ' ! Beautiful!,,,, not to mention the path itself! Great job! Great Lupines! They are so large and healthy!,, I have tried on a couple of occasions to grow them and just do not have much luck, but yours are fabulous!, maybe it is all your compost. You have a lot of privacy with all your arbs and conifers,,, and it must be like walking into a secret garden when walking through your gate, I love it all!

  4. deeg53 04/07/2014

    wow thank you all for your sweet comments and yes it is kind of like a secret garden all treed in even though were all house to house in suburbia.I do love all my birds that come to visit me and try to take as many pics as I can.

  5. User avater
    meander_michaele 04/07/2014

    Deidre, what a wonderful garden for walking about and working in. Your paths make it very user and visitor friendly. It hard to believe it is a garden in a house to house neighborhood because it communicates Such seclusion and privacy. Those lupines are hubba hubba worthy...I've never been able to grow them. Do you ever cut them to bring into the house and do lupines have any fragrance?
    I'm also very interested in what your plans are to change things...will it be a tweaking or a major overhaul? Regardless, it's fun to have the energy that new plans bestow!

  6. deeg53 04/07/2014

    well here's a bit of the work I will be doing in my gardens this season,I will be building a few arbors to grow my roses up.I'm very excited for the vertical view this season.

  7. wGardens 04/07/2014

    Oh, that first photo is especially wonderful! Love the path and mature palntings.... so very inviting. I love how you have made your yard so beautiful, inviting and private. You have done a great job with it all and look forward to seeing the changes/additions! Happy Gardening!

  8. OneKSGardner 04/07/2014

    What a beautiful garden Deidre! I especially love the lupine. Is it perennial where you live? I haven't had much luck but will try again sometime. Thank you for sharing your beautiful garden with us today!

  9. greengenes 04/07/2014

    Green and more green! My favorite colors! You have them all, Diedre. It is so nice and private there for being in a development. I am so excited to see just how big and beautiful the lupin can get in pic two. It looks like a lot of fun walking around your garden and doing some digging. Yes, vertical is a great way to add to a garden and your roses will be very good to do. Its hard here to really get roses to their full potential because it is so wet and more wet in the springtime. Yes, if I were a bird I would love to be there, too! Simply beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us!

  10. celiahoneysuckle 04/07/2014

    Great gardens! All that work but so rewarding.

  11. GrannyMay 04/07/2014

    Deidre, I can see why you'd be out in the garden from sunup to sundown! It is beautiful! You have made it a wonderful, private haven for both birds and people. I love your plant and colour combinations for both sun and shade areas, so beautifully framed by the taller shrubs and trees, contained by the brick, gravel and stone edging and paths, punctuated by the boulders and rocks! That has been a ton of hauling! I hope you had help for most of that. The snake and lizard accents are perfect! I often find both sunning on my garden rocks and thank them for keeping the slugs and snails under control. I'm sure your rose project will turn out to be beautiful, you have done so well with everything already! Thank you for sharing - please send more pictures.

  12. GrannyMay 04/07/2014

    I just had to come back to comment on your blog about making your concrete leaf-motif birdbaths and ornaments at:

    How simple you make it sound! This will definitely be added to my list of summer projects! Thanks Diedre!

  13. GrannyCC 04/07/2014

    Gorgeous no wonder the birds are happy. Love the winding paths and plantings. Looks like a wonderful garden to wounder through.

  14. tractor1 04/07/2014

    Simply beautiful.

  15. GracePeterson 04/07/2014

    Just beautiful. No wonder you look forward to spring. :)

  16. GracePeterson 04/07/2014

    Just beautiful. No wonder you look forward to spring. :)

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