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By Kim Charles

Jill Beringer and her handy husband have transformed their property in Delaware over the course of 27 years.

"I am a gardener in Hockessin, De.  When we built this house back in 1990, it was at the edge of a former horse pasture and had exactly two trees.  We put my children's sandbox under one of them for the little shade it provided. Twenty seven years later, I have more than enough shade and have been slowly taking over the yard- i.e. former soccer and lacrosse practice field- for my garden.  We live in a development on about a half acre, with a hedge row along one side of my pie-shaped lot.  It's rather wet so I have to find things that can take the moisture and compete with red maple roots. We are in the process of adding a stone sitting area under the biggest maple with a path that leads around below the deck which my husband built. We are doing it ourselves though it's like doing a puzzle but with REALLY, REALLY heavy puzzle pieces.  He also created the trellis one year for my birthday.  Love having a handy husband!  Still a work in progress! ( Not the husband- the garden:)!"

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  1. mjensen 06/09/2017


  2. 2bakeornot2bake 06/09/2017

    Lovely! Hope you have time to sit and enjoy the beauty.......even though there is always something hat needs attention when you do all the work yourself.

  3. NCYarden 06/09/2017

    Spectacular, Jill. Love the organic curved beds. I applaud the swap of lawn for garden gems. The stone work is a splendid complement too. You've created quite the delightful suburban oasis. That clematis is really grabbing my attention. Looking forward to what else develops in your garden. Thank you for sharing.

  4. LaurelEm 06/09/2017

    Lovely! This garden is right in line with my style. We must be kindred spirits, in gardening. What are the blue starry looking flowers that you have planted with the yellow foxglove? I love that combination! Keep up the great work! Love your dragonfly too!

    1. user-6861263 06/09/2017

      Thank you Laurie:) The blue flowers are Amsonia 'blue ice'. They stay about a foot tall- much shorter than other varieties of Amsonia.

  5. user-6861263 06/09/2017

    Thank you! You should see the pile of rock still waiting for us!

  6. tamirice 06/09/2017

    Lovely! I always like to see a garden that has so many years in it! All that flagstone is beautiful but heavy! I can empathize having just edged in some new beds with rocks. What is the pink flower in the first picture?

    1. user-6861263 06/09/2017

      Thank you Tami- The pink flower in the first picture is centranthus ruber- hope I spelled that right. It comes in white too but I like the red!

  7. MNGardenGirl 06/09/2017

    So beautiful! I was disappointed when the pictures ended. Thank you so much for sharing and please send in more pictures later in the season.

  8. User avater
    meander_michaele 06/09/2017

    I love your hands on gardening accomplishments, Jill. You and your husband look to be a great team and, since you are still tackling new projects, you must enjoy working together. Your existing flagstone steps/pathway is so handsome so I'm sure the new patio will be awesome. I hope you will share pictures when it is completed. Are you the crafter who made the playful silverware dragonfly? So cute.
    I can see all the fun you've had transforming grass into garden beds. There would have to be some interesting and improvised lacrosse and soccer rules if your boys (now men themselves) decided to get out the old ball and kick it around.

    1. user-6861263 06/09/2017

      Thanks so much for the kind comments- My boys are past the sports phase but now I have "grand puppies"- and they don't follow any rules! :) And I am not the crafter of the dragonfly- it was purchased on a trip to Eaglesmere in Pa. a few years ago. The patio is completed but currently has a dinghy sitting on it while my husband excavates under our deck to fix the drainage. My plants would all appreciate a little less "swamp" and I am itching to finish the walk and have a reason to buy more plants!

      1. User avater
        meander_michaele 06/09/2017

        I totally understand your anticipation for plant choosing and buying. One of my favorite things about finishing up a hardscape project is that then it needs to be "softened" and enhanced with plants. It's a virtuous cycle...or, at least, that's what I tell myself!

  9. User avater
    LindaonWhidbey 06/09/2017

    Good morning, Jill. Beautiful gardens. You appreciate them so much more when your
    hands were the ones that got dirty. Love the flagstone walk and looking forward to seeing the finished patio. Make sure you get some comfy chairs to sit in on that patio to enjoy your hard work. Thanks for sharing and have a happy weekend, GPODers.

  10. user-2077552 06/09/2017

    Please send more pictures. Your garden is gorgeous, and I love the mixture of plants.

  11. Sunshine111 06/09/2017

    It's all gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I love all of it. The colors, the combinations the hard scaping, it's all quite lovely. I envy you the talents snd skill of your husband!

    1. user-6861263 06/09/2017

      Thank you! He's a keeper!

  12. user-4691082 06/09/2017

    Hi Jill! I live in West Grove, Pa so I am only 25 minutes from you! I would love to get together and swap gardening stories. Love the pergola( lucky girl!) and your paths and plantings. I know one plant that loves wet feet. It is the red cardinal flower. Thanks for sharing!

    1. user-6861263 06/09/2017

      Have it! (cardinal flower)- It's very happy :). And I would be happy to talk plants! My husband would be happy for the break! Do you garden too?

      1. user-4691082 06/09/2017

        Yes, my garden was featured a few days ago...

        1. user-6861263 06/09/2017

          Oh! I just checked! It's beautiful! It looks like you have quite a bit of property- I'm very jealous! Lets get together!

          1. user-4691082 06/09/2017

            My email is [email protected]

  13. Cenepk10 06/09/2017

    Lovely. Wish I could wander through your beautiful garden:)

  14. user-7007498 06/09/2017

    Jill, enjoyed reading the story of your garden. Somewhat similar here, except my wife is not a gardener. We also started with a blank slate, on a half acre, and expanded the garden as the kids grew up.

    I love the curved garden beds. Nice collection of perennials. Your flagstone walkway is beautiful. Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing.

  15. dalemccreedy 06/10/2017

    Jill - as your sister I must say that you are far too humble. The photos are beautiful but only begin to capture the beauty of your garden - especially with the stone pathway - and your passion and handwork have a persistence and joy that only true gardeners share! Looking forward to the next iteration of this masterpiece! Congrats...

    1. user-6861263 06/11/2017

      Thanks- but you are a bit partial! :)

  16. User avater
    treasuresmom 06/10/2017

    Gorgeous! Just gorgeous!

  17. tennisluv 06/11/2017

    Jill, what a lovely garden you have created. AND fyi, husbands are always a work in progress. Thank so for sharing.

  18. deeinde 06/13/2017

    Hi Jill, I thoroughly enjoyed your garden pictures! And you are right around the corner from me! I am in Newark. About 20 minutes from you and 20 mins from Rhonda! I would love to get together with you both!
    By the way, does the Centranthus reseed much?

    1. user-6861263 06/15/2017

      Great! Give me your email and we can arrange something. And no, the centranthus reseeds gently- not a problem. Wish it did more! And I have it in the driest part of my swampy yard- My email is [email protected].

      1. deeinde 06/15/2017

        That would be fun!
        [email protected]

  19. user-6536305 01/02/2018

    Great team work on a great creation! Thanks for sharing your story and garden!

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