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Colleen’s new garden in Wisconsin

'Joseph's Coat' climbing rose, Coreopsis 'Sienna Sunset', Gaura 'Crimson Butterflies',   Echinacea 'Raspberry Truffle', 'Knockout' rose bush, Agastache 'Kudos Ambrosia', 'Blush' cleome, 'Black Lace' elderberry, hostas 'June' and 'First Frost.'

'Fire Pot' dahlias this fall

My pallet planter my husband made for me: licorice, corkscrew grass, Calibrachoa 'Cabaret Mango Tango', diascia, stock, and a geranium. 

Other window box

Today's photos are from Colleen Meyer in Neenah, Wisconsin. She says, "I really look forward to and throughly enjoy the daily garden visits. My husband and I purchased our house in May of 2013. The landscaping was terribly neglected and in need of lots of love. The summer of 2013 I planted a few plants but it was a more of weeding and planning year. So this before picture is this spring where we removed the white stone gravel and planted." So great, Colleen! I cannot WAIT to see how this garden evolves over the years. Please do send us updates!

SEND ME PICS OF YOUR GARDEN! Email me at [email protected]. Thanks! –Michelle

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Freshly planted.. We lost our evergreens over the harsh winter and planted a 'Unique' hydrangea, 'Pinky Winky' hydrangea, some transplanted sedum, iris, purple coneflowers, a beautiful pink morning glory, and a severely clearanced 'Chyenne Spirit' echinacea.

'Rainbow' butterfly bush, purple monarda, blue cardinal flower, native columbine, 'Vanilla' marigolds, sunflowers, tomatoes, black-eyed Susan, and coreopsis.

Calla lily from a wonderful friend, cosmos and zinnias were started by the kids in an eggshell.

Coleus started by kids:) snapdragons, marigolds and a Cotinus coggygria 'Royal Purple'

Planter near the house, beautiful fall sun.

Where everything started this year. Spring was so cold, so it was back and forth for weeks in the garage.

My wonderful little helpers.

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  1. Nurserynotnordstroms 11/15/2014

    Colleen I love that you are raising future gardeners it's so healthy and a great way to increase endorphins. You have a beautiful start on a great landscape and the pallet planters are a very smart way to repurpose something. Happy gardening to you and your family.

    1. colleenmonroemeyer 11/17/2014

      Thank you, it helps to see the beautiful gardens here everyday that I would otherwise never get a glimpse of.

  2. perenniallycrazy 11/16/2014

    Looks like your garden is off to a great start Colleen! Those pallet planters are a delight as well but the best would be the memories you share as your garden and your kids grow each year. Can't wait to see the revisit in the seasons to come. Thanks for sharing.

    1. colleenmonroemeyer 11/17/2014

      Thank you:)

  3. User avater
    meander_michaele 11/17/2014

    What a wonderful difference you have made already, Colleen You have definitely transformed that sad barren stretch in the before picture to a bed filled with colorful and interesting plants that look like they are thriving. Your 'Fire Pot' is positively luscious and yummy looking. Loved the picture of your two kiddos "aerating" the ground for the flowers to come.

    1. colleenmonroemeyer 11/17/2014

      Thank you! I really wasn't sure what I was doing with the Dahlias. I was pleasantly surprised, that after following the directions, they bloomed. The kids love to be outside, it is so much fun seeing their love for the outdoors "grow."

  4. greengenes 11/17/2014

    Hi Colleen! Well you are off to a great start! All the plants are so bright and cheery! I love the colors in the pallet planter! That's so wonderful with the children being involved with the gardening. It's a beautiful thing to hand down to them! I have great memories of me and my grandfather who grew the biggest onions I have ever seen! We are looking forward to seeing more as your garden grows! Happy holidays ahead !

  5. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 11/17/2014

    You guys are off and running! Looks great. I feel like your lush planters are previews of your garden as it matures! Black lace Sambucus is one of my favorites and really plays well with others. You can cut it back every year to contain it or let it grow with gusto!

  6. wittyone 11/17/2014

    I bet your poor neglected yard is so thankful to have someone like you taking care of it.

    I do wish I had a couple of helpers like yours-----they must make the job go much faster and provide quite a few laughs.

  7. user-7007083 11/17/2014

    I love that you are involving your children in gardening--we need to raise more garden lovers! I started with a "clean slate" when we moved in a few years ago, so I can relate to your excitement at creating something all your own. Looking good! Have fun!

  8. imsoshy 11/17/2014

    Love your take on gardening...must be like mine...especially your children being in your pics and the pallet planter. Way to go!!!!

  9. GrannyMay 11/17/2014

    Good for you and your helpers, both large and small, Colleen! You have made a great start on what looks to mature into a beautiful and fruitful garden. I love the Joseph's Coat climbing rose and will be interested in seeing how well it grows for you. I have see it climb more than 30 feet right into treetops, yet the two that I have struggle just to keep going. Thanks for sharing!

  10. sheila_schultz 11/17/2014

    Your gardens are off to a wonderful start, Colleen. I definitely agree with Tim... you have given us a taste of what is to come with all of your lush plantings and playful colors. The fun has just begun for you and your wonderful planters! Have fun this winter planning possibilities for next year!

  11. GrannyCC 11/17/2014

    Beautiful start Colleen. Looks like you definitely have a green thumb as do your helpers. Love all your combinations of colours in the planters. Love the coleus. I will try to have to grow some from seed.

  12. user-7007140 11/17/2014

    It is so great to see little ones enjoying the feel of the earth and to know they have had the tremendous excitement of planting seeds and watching until the magical blooming occurs. Well done in making this a playground of discovery all ther own. The children will never forget.
    The planters are beautiful, the plant and color combinations so pretty.
    I very much look forward to following the progress of your garden. Worth all the hard work, isn't it?
    Great job. Thank you for taking the time to share. Great that you are a GPoder!

  13. Clarkpark 11/17/2014

    Congratulations on your new gardens. You have made great selections of plant material. 'Black Lace' elderberry and 'Royal Purple' Cotinus are two of my favorite shrubs; they will become quite large and fill in your beds nicely. Your kiddos look like they are enjoying gardening with their mom!

  14. schatzi 11/17/2014

    Great start, Colleen. Gorgeous color combinations. Love the pallet repurposed into a planter. We have also used pallet wood for many projects. It's good hard wood and it's free. It's wonderful to see your kids enjoying being outdoors - it is so much healthier for kids to get outside and play, and yes, get dirty! I have read that one reason there are so many kids with allergies these days is that they don't/can't do that. My mother always used to say "everyone has to get their peck of dirt before they die!' - resignedly I think, because I know my brothers and I did, with gusto! That dahlia Fire Pot is on my list. Beautiful. Also love the succulent vine with the coleus. Can't remember the name of it, but I have one in my greenhouse. Very pretty variegation and flowers. Keep up the good work and enjoy.

  15. wGardens 11/17/2014

    How exciting to make your garden transformation. You have made some great choices/combinations. So nice to see your children participating. It is a great learning experience and wonderful family time. Thanks for sharing. I am sure we all look forward to next season's photos!

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