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Celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving Late

There is a lot to be grateful for at the end of the growing season

Christine Saint-Pierre up in Victoriaville, Quebec, sent in these beautiful photos on Thanksgiving Day—Canadian Thanksgiving, that is, which was on October 14. It has taken me a little bit to find a time to share them here on the GPOD, but they are still well within time for Thanksgiving for those of us in the United States.

Christine wrote:

It is Thanksgiving today in Canada, and no matter the ups and the downs of the past year, when you walk around the garden on a beautiful autumn day, there is plenty to be grateful for—Mother Nature in all her glory and a few butterflies as a bonus!

If you missed Christine’s previous posts, go here and here, and see just how much she had to be grateful for this year!

fall foliageForests in the north turn astonishingly beautiful in fall.

A magnificent old tree blazing up at the end of the growing season.

Sugar maples (Acer saccharum, Zones 3–8) are one of the great symbols of Canada, and their rich fall color, ranging from yellow to pumpkin orange, is hard to beat.

This scene is just magical.

daisiesA few daisies hanging on show that fall doesn’t mean flowers are over.

A sedum (Sedum spectabile, Zones 3–9) is flowering as well, providing a much-needed nectar meal to a small moth.

A butterfly stops by to feed.

And here’s a monarch butterfly fueling up for the long flight from Quebec to Mexico, where it will spend the winter.


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  1. katherine_8 11/07/2019

    Hello Christine in Victoriaville QC from Katherine in Mississauga ON :)
    Beautiful photos!! I love fall so much. Wish it could be fall year-round. Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving.

    1. CSPvictoria 11/07/2019

      Thank you for your comment Katherine.
      We had our first snow this morning. The scenery is very beautiful but I will miss the colours of summer and fall.
      Have a great day!

  2. User avater
    treasuresmom 11/07/2019

    Absolutely lovely!! I love fall colors.

  3. CSPvictoria 11/07/2019

    I am glad your enjoy the pictures.
    Thank you for your comment!

  4. User avater
    simplesue 11/07/2019

    Just beautiful! We didn't see that many bright colors this year, in the city park in it's very nice to come to FG photo fo the day and see your photos. Your photography is just beautiful- love the composition of the daisies standing so tall, with the background looking upwards to the hill and tree. And of course the butterfly photos- Wow! Thanks for posting!

    1. CSPvictoria 11/07/2019

      Thank you Sue for your comment! We had our first snow this morning so all the beautiful colours are already gone.
      Each season has its charm ?

  5. carolineyoungwilliams 11/07/2019

    Christine, Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful photos. I have never had an appreciation for trees.... It have always been with blooms, butterflies, hummingbirds, birds & bees so.... thank you for giving me a different mindset. Be Blessed.

    1. CSPvictoria 11/07/2019

      I completely agree with you Caroline, I think sometime we take the beautiful trees for granted but they are such a great part of our garden...maybe that is the purpose of autumn. Once all the flowers are gone, we still have the colours of the trees to enjoy. Thank you for your comment, I am glad you enjoyed the photos. Christine

  6. stewpot 11/08/2019

    I’m envious of your beautifully colored trees. We have yellow/orange aspens here but very very few hardwood reds. Thank you for sharing.

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