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Catalog Review: Dixondale Farms

Dixondale Farms is celebrating 100 years of onion plants and years of satisfied customers.

Photo/Illustration: Greg Holdsworth & Wikimedia Commons

I’ve always been a fan of growing onions, but it wasn’t until last year that I grew the larger traditional globe onions. We use onions often in the kitchen, so they have become a mainstay in the garden. Since I’ve been introduced to Dixondale Farms’ catalog of onion plants, I now have access to some great varieties for my area.

Dixondale Farms is celebrating a century under their belt, providing a wide variety of onion plants to gardeners and farmers since 1913. Their current catalog displays their onion plant offerings, but is also a homage to the company’s 100-year history. To quote Jeanie Frazier, wife of Bruce Frazier, the company’s President, “While technology has changed the face of farming in my 57 years, I can only imagine how different it is now than in 1913. What hasn’t changed in the past 100 years is people’s love of gardening.”

The catalog is a real pleasure to look through. Although it is only 20 pages long, their catalog is filled with great photography and graphics. The catalog uses easy to follow maps of the country to show the areas of short-day, intermediate-day, and long-day onion varieties. The catalog itself is divided into these same areas in their plant listings.

The catalog not only features photos of the different onion varieties, it also includes photos sent in by customers displaying their prized harvests. The variety descriptions are easy to read, and provide size and storage potential of the onions. Candy (can) is their most popular variety, having sold over 90 million plants and is recommended for beginning gardeners.

The center spread of the catalog is an informative timeline and pictorial history of the company. After the short, intermediate, and long-day variety listings, they devote a page to specialty onion varieties and the onion’s cousin, the leek. After a page on onion growing tips, the remaining few pages of their catalog offer their product listings. They carry various fertilizers, weed control, disease prevention, and harvesting items.

If it’s onions you’re growing, Dixondale Farms has great selection, and as evidenced by the great photos, many happy customers.

To request a copy of their catalog, or to order their onion plants and products, visit


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