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Carve-o-Rama Contest: And the winner is…

Cherry Ong’s pumpkin gleams elegantly through the gingko leaf and berry carved design.
Photo/Illustration: Cherry Ong
Cherry Ong’s pumpkin gleams elegantly through the gingko leaf and berry carved design.
Photo/Illustration: Cherry Ong

Congratulations to Cherry Ong, whose post An Entry Welcome takes top honors in Fine Gardening‘s Garden Carve-o-Rama contest.

Here in the Northeast, Halloween was upstaged by a rare late October snowstorm that dumped several inches of wet snow on trees still in leaf, bringing down power lines, branches, and entire trees. In many local communities Halloween was canceled, due to power outages and the hazards of dangling power lines and limbs. That probably accounts for the lower-than-usual participation in the contest.

Among the entries we did receive, Cherry’s stands out for its elegantly carved motif of gingko leaves and berries. For her efforts, Cherry will receive a three-year subscription to Fine Gardening,

Cherry Ong was exposed to gardening as a child (her mom raised orchids), but didn’t garden much as an adult until three years ago, when she undertook a makeover of her yard. Now she’s as obsessed as the rest of us. See more of her work in our Garden Photo of the Day blog:

• A clean slate transformed

• The best of the tomato season

• Containers by Cherry Ong

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