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Can I top this?

Photo: Michelle Gervais

I’m starting to pull my containers out of the shed and place them around my patio, and I’m dreaming up new plant combos every day. It’s almost time to plant them up, and like every spring, I’m nervous that I won’t be able to fulfill my visions. But come August, it all seems to work itself out. This was one of my container vignettes from 2007. I can’t wait to dig my hands into some potting soil!  BTW, that spectacular coleus is my favorite, and I use it every single year. It’s called both ‘Texas Parking Lot’ and ‘Alabama Sunset’.

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  1. Deanneart 04/26/2011

    Great combination Michelle! Love that Alabama Sunset. One of the prettiest coleus around. Is that a plectranthus in the upper right?

  2. ncgardener 04/26/2011

    Wow that is gorgeous. I am just getting started on containers as well so great ideas. Do you have anything that I can use along along a bare fence that gets quite a bit of sun?

  3. petuniababi 04/26/2011

    Truly beautiful!I love coleus because you can use them so many ways.They are easy to propagate also.My very favorite is Inky Fingers.Now because of your photo i am falling in love with Alabama Sunset.Thank you for the wonderful sharing of these plants.

  4. greengrowler 04/26/2011

    Having the same passion for coleus, I use "Henna" and "Sedona" - both mostly red and gold like Alabama Sunset. Try paring with lime green sweet potatoe vine and anything deep purple - lively! Your beautiful photo got my potting desiging juices flowing!

  5. margoa 04/26/2011

    I work in a greenhouse and we grow all the coleus' mentioned above - it's hard to pick out a favorite. The combos are endless. A new one for us this year is Wedding Stockings - VERY different! Redhead and Red Ruffles are gorgeous as well! Enjoy the Spring everyone!

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