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Bob & Lisa’s recycled garden in South Carolina

Photo: Courtesy of Bob & Lisa Newman

Today’s photos are from Bob and Lisa Newman in Summerville, South Carolina.

Photo: Courtesy of Bob & Lisa Newman

They say, “We like to incorporate recycled items into our landscape. The stock tank pool is for my daughter, and when she outgrows it, it will become a pond water feature. For now it has a saltwater filter system. Other pictures show our file cabinet planter, a pallet table, our concrete chunk (urbanite) patio and paths, bowling ball orbs, wine bottles, and other unique items.”

Photo: Courtesy of Bob & Lisa Newman

So much fun, you guys! I LOVE repurposed items in gardens. That file cabinet garden in GENIUS! And I see that cute little gnome…can anyone else spot it?

Photo: Courtesy of Bob & Lisa Newman

SURPRISE! Bob and Lisa are the winners of the random drawing to win last week’s book giveaway (1001 Gardens You Must See Before You Die)! Thanks to everyone who sent in photos–we’ll be featuring a lot of them in the next week or so. Keep sending in photos, everyone!

Photo: Courtesy of Bob & Lisa Newman

****** WE STILL NEED TIPS! ******
Hey everyone, put your thinking caps on–we’re in the midst of collecting gardening tips for the May/June 2013 issue (Crazy, I know…it’s not even winter yet!). Got any time saving tricks, quick hints, or helpful suggestions you’d like to share? They should be relevant to spring and early summer (for example, no fall leaf-raking tips). Accompanying photos are welcomed but not at all necessary. Send them to me at [email protected], and if we decide to publish yours we’ll send you $25. Thanks!

Photo: Courtesy of Bob & Lisa Newman

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  1. wGardens 10/10/2012

    So creative. Fun to check out your creations. I especially like the painted stock tank. Thanks for sharing!

  2. User avater
    meander_michaele 10/10/2012

    Bob and Lisa, you guys are brilliant and definitely have a sense of fun and liveliness in your approach to gardening. I love your "au natural" table centerpiece. You must be doing lots right since your daisies look they don't get fazed by SC heat and humidity.

  3. kcmom 10/10/2012

    ...and I love the neo/geo term: "urbanite", for concrete chunks! Hadn't heard that one.

  4. tractor1 10/10/2012

    Ingenious recycling! I really like that raised bed file cabinet, and those two eclectic chairs guarding the pallet table, with the herbal gnome. It looks like a lot of time was spent scouring yard sales for bargains, maybe even the town dump, but it's amazing how the Newman's injected new life into what appears to be others discards... I'm hearing the theme from Twilight Zone with Serlings voice invoking that upcoming sci fi hit, "Transform!". I also have a penchant for discards, to wit my ancient Brooklyn 2 cent plain bottle.

  5. annek 10/10/2012

    You have managed to create a very European, Old World garden ambience. And oh that chandelier...THAT is special. Gardening allows us to show our creativity and you've taken it a step further by seamlessly adding repurposed items into your landscape. Nice job!

  6. sheila_schultz 10/10/2012

    Your yard is just plain fun!

  7. pattyspencer 10/10/2012

    Love the filing cabinet planter! Everything is unique and playful.

    Site must be having issues again - 2nd time this week I've had to log in.

  8. ArtiesGarden 10/10/2012

    I love everything about your garden and it gives me lots of ideas.

  9. tractor1 10/10/2012

    pattyspencer: You're doing better than me, I have to log back on almost every time, even if I leave the site for ten minutes when I return I need to log on again. For a while I was feeling paranoid like I was going to be locked out for something I said. Anyway we're quite the team, we both like the filing cabinet. I like to attend the local auction where I often pick up interesting stuff at good prices, and even if I end up with nothing it's a fun time.

  10. Cay442 10/10/2012

    whew! thanks for reminding us to lighten up! recently we added some fun stuff to the garden and the plants haven't complained at all. we smile when we look at Mr. Stumpy, whose inspiration was Prince Charles' "stumpery" at Highgrove.

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