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More from Christine’s garden on Long Island

This raised garden has a collection of daylilies called "spiders and unusual forms". There are also lilium and other perennials in this bed. Northport Harbor is in the background. Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Christine Petersen

We asked Christine for more photos yesterday, and she delivered! Today she gives a look at the view from her garden, as well as a look at some of her favorite daylilies. 

An abundance of daylilies and self-seeded Rubeckia hirta. Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Christine Petersen

Unfortunately, Christine says that her garden was badly damaged by Hurricane Sandy last fall. Flooding and salt spray have decimated a large portion of her garden, and she dreads seeing what doesn’t come back up in spring. Give her your best encouragement, will you? I can’t imagine how heartbreaking it is to have something you’ve worked so hard on altered so drastically in one traumatic week.

Hostas and daylilies thrive in a partly sunny garden. Some of my plant labels are visible. I have an American Hemerocallis Display Garden which requires that all my daylilies be labeled. Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Christine Peterse

Carex morrowii ‘Ice Dance,’ Hosta ‘Inniswood’ and Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Pia’. Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Christine Petersen

I love liliums for their intoxicating fragrance! Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Christine Petersen

One of my favorite daylilies, ‘Lavender Arrowhead’ set off by a hydrangea. Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Christine Petersen

Daylily ‘Kirsten’s Corsage’ shows off its curls and twirls. Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Christine Petersen
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  1. user-1020932 03/01/2013

    i wouldn't know which way to look first if i walked through your garden all stunning. i've never dealt with flooding or salt spray but many plants can be more resilient than we think so i'm hoping for the best for you and your garden.

  2. wGardens 03/01/2013

    Beautiful. So sorry for the damages that you and your gardens have had to deal with. I am hoping, as is tntreeman, that many plants will bounce back. Thank you for sharing more photos... and best wishes to you. Keep us posted.

  3. Steepdrive 03/01/2013

    Lovely daylilies. You must not have a deer issue there. They are such deer attractors here. Hope your garden rebounds this spring.

  4. user-1020932 03/01/2013

    steepdrive, after years of battles and mostly losing to deer, i have found that PlantSkydd and GreenScreen are very effective and they last a long time. the plantskydd smells AWFUL the first day but they won't come near it, the GreenScreen is also very effective BUT if you have raccoons it can be a problem, they seem to like to eat it. and no i am not a paid spokesperson for these products it's just that they have saved me a lot of aggravation over the years

  5. ceres 03/01/2013

    Christine, at a glance of the first photo I thought immediately this looks familiar. You are of the old garden group. So sorry to hurry of your loss. I hope your plants will bounce back. I suffered big loss with our big December ice/snow storm. It is so heart breaking but offers new opportunity. Ceres

  6. User avater
    meander_michaele 03/01/2013

    Ahh, Christine, my heart felt an empathetic pang at reading of your loss. My area was hit by a hellacious hailstorm 2 years ago that denuded trees and shredded to smithereens hosta and dayliliy foliage. The daylilies shrugged it all off but some of the hosta waved the white flag of surrender to the forces of nature and disappeared on me. I am optimistic on your behalf that your daylilies will return to party on and that delightful fiesta of color will light up your garden again this summer. Your view is magnificent!

  7. bee1nine 03/01/2013

    Hi Christine-
    A joy to see more photos! Your daylilies are absolutely
    gorgeous!! Yes, the damaging destruction along the east coast
    was very wicked to say the least!
    I'm praying with you with assured confidence that nature will
    come through for you in your gardens.:) You may be quite
    quite surprised!!

  8. user-1020932 03/01/2013

    meander1, this is off topic of christines wonderful garden but i am going to be dividing those daylilies toward end of month, would be happy to share some of the red ones with you if i knew how to get them to you

  9. tractor1 03/01/2013

    Long Island is unique in that its coastal soil is always salt laden from perpetual ocean spray. The plants that thrive there normally will easily tolerate the salt from a storm, afterall on Long Island's north shore it's just another storm event, it's all part of the natural cycle. The very sandy soil is extremely porous, the spring rains and any remaining snow will soon dilute and purge the salt from a storm as has occured for eons. I remember lilies being especially tenacious on Long Island's north shore, needing constant thinning. What is problematic from storms on Long Island, especially its north shore from Nor'easters is errosion, many folks need to install marine grade bulkheading, very expensive. Christine, your garden looks very safe, if all those trees are surviving so will most of your other plantings. I lived on Suffolk County's north shore right on the coast line, I don't remember ever losing a plant to salt, even my vegetable gardens were barely affected, but I did lose many huge oak and locust trees to the winds of Gloria, snapped them off like match sticks. Thank you Christine, your photos are susperb.

  10. mainer59 03/01/2013

    Thank you for sharing more with us. I join others in wishing you a speedy recovery from the hurricane. If things are lost, I hope it creates new opportunity. Here's my question: I see from one of your photos that you grow hosta and daylilies together. I have recently put in a hosta area, but it does get afternoon sun. I have been researching and buying ones that can take sun, but perhaps you have recommendations from your experience.

  11. user-1020932 03/01/2013

    i know next to nothing about Long Island gardening but tractor1 must be right about it's abilities to purge itself of salt. i have visited the Hamptons area a couple of times and it is lush, perfectly manicured and beautiful. i think the key there is the use of money as fertilizer

  12. pattyspencer 03/01/2013

    Thank you for sharing more photos - they are just beautiful. I'm so sorry about Sandy but I hope that you don't lose too many plants (actually I hope they all come back) - but for every bare spot that may come is the opportunity to put in something new/different.

  13. TeriCA 03/01/2013

    Your garden pictures are beautiful! When I saw you were from Long Island, immediately I thought of Hurricane Sandy! My wish for you is that you are happily surprised at what comes back! What a lovely place you live in. It is amazing to my friend and I that when other parts of the country are being pounded by storms, here in Sacramento, CA we are usually having beautiful weather. Almost makes me feel guilty. But 2 weeks ago, we had some very COLD weather come out of the Gulf of Alaska, and a hard freeze incurred. Some of my clients plants just couldn't take it, and are lost. Really, my best wishes for the return of your garden!

  14. bee1nine 03/01/2013

    tractor1- We can indubitably vouch for the severe errosion
    problems here on Cape Cod! Every nasty storm that blows
    through takes large sections away from our coastal shorelines
    and yes, with our most recent blizzards this winter, has added that much more concern and cost measures are

  15. ambowers 03/01/2013

    This garden is absolutely beautiful. you are blessed. thanks for sharing. If I lived at your house, I would never leave.

  16. humbleearthgarden 03/01/2013

    What a beautiful garden! Here's wishing you sunny days, blue skies, and a positive can-do attitude to work with Mother Nature in creating a new canvas, to share with, and inspire us again. Best wishes!

  17. joycedaffodilhill 03/01/2013

    So sorry this beautiful spot should be marred in any way, but the bare bones will still be there and your heart, mind and back will be back digging soon. We lost a large tree in our backyard and an outbuilding. The scar is so ugly, but already we have hauled in rocks, sod, peat moss, and other things to make this ugly spot go away. You as a great gardener, will do the same. God Bless

  18. sheila_schultz 03/01/2013

    Christine, I will be thinking of you and your beautiful gardens as spring starts working it's magic. Hopefully you will be filled with smiles as your gardens come back to life.

  19. CJgardens 03/01/2013

    Christine, thanks for sending more photos. Your daylilies and liliums are gorgeous. I found your website also and enjoyed all the additional photos. It was interesting to read about your experiences with Hurricane Sandy. Such a huge disruption but yet the birthday party goes on! Good luck with your gardens this spring; hope you find many delightful surprises that survived. You mentioned about bunnies nipping off the liliums as they just start to grow but that they came back. Same thing happened to me; I'm putting out lots of wire cages once the snow melts to protect them. What solution did you find to protect them?

  20. CJgardens 03/01/2013

    Christine, thanks for sending more photos. Your daylilies and liliums are gorgeous. I found your website also and enjoyed all the additional photos. It was interesting to read about your experiences with Hurricane Sandy. Such a huge disruption but yet the birthday party goes on! Good luck with your gardens this spring; hope you find many delightful surprises that survived. You mentioned about bunnies nipping off the liliums as they just start to grow but that they came back. Same thing happened to me; I'm putting out lots of wire cages once the snow melts to protect them. What solution did you find to protect them?

  21. cwheat000 03/01/2013

    The wait was worth it. Today's photos are even more lovely. The view of the harbor is stunning. You bought property out there at the right time. My aunt built her house in Shelter Island in the 70's, like you. You had a much better choice of lots and it was still affordable then. Your daylilies are fabulous. I have a growing addiction to them, with each passing season. They are just the right amount of showy, without being too much. What is the pink variety with the yellow throat ,that stands alone in one picture? I need to fence an area for them. Thank you for the deer repellent recommendation tntreeman. I will definitely try those brands this season. I hope the spring is kind to you and brings back all your beautiful plants. I am sure yard clean up will be extra this year, but I hope that is all you have to suffer through. That killer view of the ocean is worth it( easy for me to say).

  22. thegardenlady 03/01/2013

    These great photos show a great garden. I am optimistic for your garden overall. Plants are remarkably resilient. Nature reminds us that gardens are creations in flux, always changing. Love your daylilies and your spider garden, especially the stonework. Wish you the best through the spring.

  23. User avater
    meander_michaele 03/01/2013

    Hi, tntreeman, I'd love to take you up on your offer of red daylilies. We can ask Michelle to be an email exchange facilitator and, at some point, co-ordinate a meeting on your turf since it now getting to be your busy time. Maybe my husband and I can rendezvous with you at one of your favorite garden sites and sneak in a walk about. Thanks for thinking of me!

  24. user-1020932 03/02/2013

    fine with me and happy to share. set the exchange up thru Michelle and we will co ordinate from there. you're right, it's gonna be crazy soon but i can make time to give you a garden tour of the area if you want and have the time

  25. chrispnpt 03/02/2013

    About the bunnies and lilium- I used one of those rabbit repellants as soon as the lilies poked their heads up in the spring with fairly good success. As the lilium mature and become beefier, the bunnies don't seem to be as interested in nibbling.


  26. chrispnpt 03/02/2013

    Ceres- Wow! Is that you? Are you still posting on Chat? I just can't keep up with it all!

    As to damage by salt water flooding, spray and mist- I had firsthand knowledge after Hurricane Irene in 2011. I lost mature Japanese maples, aucuba, rhododendrons, holly, hydrangeas, cherry laurels, butterfly bushes, all my phlox, rudbeckia, echinaceas, Leucanthemum, 4' in diameter hostas and so much more. But I was lucky because the whole property didn't flood. This time around flood waters were a few feet deep at high tide over everything. Now I can reliably add osmanthus, boxwoods, Japanese Andromeda, dwarf evergreens, azaleas, hellebores, viburnums, deodor cedars, and much more to the list. I'm crossing my fingers...

  27. chrispnpt 03/02/2013

    Thank you for all your comments and encouraging words. It means a lot to me.

    I don't mean to sound negative, but it is disheartening to see a 15' holly's leaves blacken and die.

    We were lucky enough to build on an extra lot next door to my parents. We couldn't afford the lot, but my parents allowed us to build on it before purchasing it. My husband built the house by himself almost 30 years ago. I started the gardens before the foundation was poured! I pretty much garden alone, but as I'm now a senior citizen I have used a garden helper on occasion. So, the thought of replacing all those mature specimens seems a bit daunting! I'll just have to take it one day at a time.


  28. user-1020932 03/02/2013

    i know it has to be disheartening to see things die or suffer especially those we have grown for a number of years. i have on occasion after storms said to myself, i quit/ i'm not gonna do it anymore. the next day i'm out there digging holes again. after seeing all the photos of your garden and all the work it has taken i kinda feel for your garden helper because i am not sure anyone could keep up with you!

  29. chrispnpt 03/02/2013

    Some people have commented on how all the GPOD gardens look so perfect. Well, don't fret- mine's not! I like to take photos, lots of them! I've got plenty of problem areas, but I'm not about to share pictures of my weedy, wild areas with the world. Also, I am careful not to let distracting elements (IE- bags of manure, garden tools, unsightly weeds,etc.)enter my photos. Sometimes I have to shoot at awfully odd angles to make a pile of old yard furniture, hoses, and an ugly garage disappear!

    I move around the garden, trying to stay ahead of any weeds that are going to seed! I work on one bed at a time, but some take many days to get done. I'm a teacher, so I garden mostly in the summer when it's often too hot to do much! I should get out early, but my garden has a lot of shade and those areas always seem to be wet in the early morning- I'd rather read. My favorite time to garden is in the late afternoon or early evening. Then, I stay out until it's too dark to see anything!

  30. ruru 03/03/2013

    Hang in there Christine. Your garden is awesome. Look at this as an opportunity to change the least favorite things you did not like in your garden. My mantra is "this too shall pass". It works for me! Good luck and may grace and blessings be part of your life.

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