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Bill’s visit to Temple Square in Utah

Today’s photos are from Bill Goff in Pittsburgh. We visited Bill’s garden a while ago (refresh your memory HERE), and I visited him in PERSON this summer (more on that later!) Today he’s sharing his garden travels.

He says, “Diane and I just came back from a tour out West…Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse Monument, Yellowstone, and other points of interest.  Salt Lake City, Utah, was on our agenda, and we stopped at Temple Square and were totally blown away by the beautiful gardens there.

Most everything was in full bloom, even though it is almost mid October. (I pulled my aging annuals out several weeks ago here in Pittsburgh)  Around each corner there was a view more lovely than the next. We were not expecting all of this botanical beauty here. I was also surprised at how well the impatiens were doing, considering the blight that is now affecting these plants.”

Wow, Bill, these are the best photos of these gardens I’ve seen yet! For mid-October, that place was spectacular! Thanks so much for sending in photos!  **As I said, I had a chance to visit Bill and his wife in Pittsburgh this summer, and they are both WONDERFUL!! Tomorrow I’ll share some pics…..**

Help me keep kicking out posts all winter long–send me photos of your gardens NOW! Email me at [email protected]. Thanks! –Michelle

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  1. Nurserynotnordstroms 10/14/2014

    Wow the gardening staff here likes a lot of color. I love the fact it's planted heavily because I love full beds (don't like to see any dirt myself) but for me personally a little to much going on. Most likely in person it is breath taking. Thank you for taking and sharing your beautiful photos,you took some great shots.

  2. perenniallycrazy 10/15/2014

    The soil must be really rich in Pittsburgh! Such showy and floriferous autumn gardens. No signs of tiring at all. Thanks for sharing Bill.

  3. NCYarden 10/15/2014

    It's almost kaleidoscopic. Not the type of gardens I would have anticipated coming out of Utah. Great photos.

  4. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 10/15/2014

    Utah in October? Who knew? Thanks for sharing your photos, Bill, and I'm really looking to seeing the photos of your garden tomorrow. Went back to the old post and started dreaming of next June!

  5. User avater
    meander_michaele 10/15/2014

    These abundantly colorful public garden areas must be so energizing and even inspiring to visitors and local folks alike. I always love when communities make this kind of commitment to garden beautification. I'd love it if my annuals looked this robust and healthy now in Oct.

  6. greengenes 10/15/2014

    Its amazing that it is still October in Utah! Very full and colorful indeed! This is great for a public place. I sure like the hollyhocks and coleus! Since these are all annuals I wonder what they do for the late fall and winter months? Snow sculptures? These plants seem to really soften up all the cement and buildings! Thanks for showing us these, Bill. I did look back at your early June bed! Beautiful! I wonder what your July bed looks like!!

  7. user-7007263 10/15/2014

    Beautiful and did not imagine Utah with such lush beauty. Wish I could find
    some old fashioned Holly Hock seed...also white. Anyone out there? Years ago,
    during the sixties, an elderly Army Sargent was trying to make the hollyhock
    our National Flower and would send people seed. I was so touched by this
    man and thank you for reminding me of him.

  8. GrannyMay 10/15/2014

    Thanks for sharing these photos Bill. I too am surprised at how lush and floriferous these gardens are, especially at this time of year. It would be interesting to see what is done there after the annuals are removed.

  9. RNtoPL 10/15/2014

    I love the full mass plantings!! My question (since I live in CA). How is this irrigated?? It's so beautiful!! I'm really hoping someone knows this... And please say low volume drip... LOL.

  10. Meelianthus 10/15/2014

    Thanks for the views of these incredible gardens Bill. The colors are just spectacular, they surely must have full-day sun - which is why I could never grow flowers so beautifully! What a joy for you to visit. I took a peek back at your last GPOD post and reminded myself how beautiful your gardens are and remembered just gushing over the peony/allium combos - so breathtaking. Can't wait to see more of Michelle's visit to your gardens.

  11. claudiaweisz 10/16/2014

    Wow! The bees and butterflies must go insane trying to decide which flower to land on! How colorful. A good way to keep the native insects eating well.

  12. user-7007140 10/19/2014

    Gosh! Why am I so conservative? Wonderful photographs,Bill. Thank you for taking the trouble to share.

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