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Beth’s garden in Iowa, Day 4–Containers & Ornaments

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Beth Zakrasek

Welcome to the 4th and final day in Beth Zakrasek’s garden in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Beth Zakrasek

Today’s post is a bit of a mashup of lots of extra photos of containers, combos, and ornaments that Beth sent. You won’t find a lot of extra info in the captions–just enjoy!! Beth–your garden is simply fantastic. Thanks for letting us revel in it for the past 4 days!

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Beth Zakrasek
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Beth Zakrasek
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Beth Zakrasek
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Beth Zakrasek
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Beth Zakrasek
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Beth Zakrasek
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Beth Zakrasek
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Beth Zakrasek
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Beth Zakrasek

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  1. user-1020932 04/25/2013

    beth i've enjoyed your garden all week AND your thoughtful replies to everyones questions. your place is filled with beautiful and fun things from the street to the back fence and i like it all. i, too, have a frog prince but mine is big, cheap and ugly! yours is MUCH better / understated and fun. the kids here love my big ugly frog,,,,,,my wife not so much :) have fun this growing season it's gonna be here soon, , , frost/freeze warning here tonight so it's drag things inside or cover them up and hope the weatherman is wrong wrong wrong

  2. User avater
    meander_michaele 04/25/2013

    Beth, it's been a real treat spending the past 4 days in your garden with you...not as good as doing a leisurely stroll about in person where we could stick our noses into all the nooks and crannies but we have really gotten a chance to pick up some of the nuances. I love the little fairy garden vignette you have tucked in around the base of one of your containers. What is the name of the burgundy clover like plant in its vicinity? It's very effective how your pot compositions provide a pop of color amongst the serenity of the hosta.
    Thanks for all you've shared. And, yes, inspite of its name, I'm sure Fried Green Tomatoes would thrive in Iowa!

  3. terieLR 04/25/2013

    I am just in from filling the feeders and listening for the newest birdsong. Here in NY, white-throat sparrow are singing about Canada and Towhee are telling me to "drink my tea."
    It's been an enjoyable 4-day garden tour Beth. We share much of the same love for shade gardening, perennial plant choices, wildlife and now, container combinations. Your zest for life is made evident in every detail. Thank you for the contribution to our morning happiness. And thank you Michelle for all you do to make it possible!
    Happy Spring garden buddies. :)

  4. wGardens 04/25/2013

    Beth, I, too, have enjoyed your wonderful photos .... great combos, both plants and color- and interesting interjections of fun things- so much to see and appreciate. Wonderful job! Wish I could visit in person!

  5. janetsfolly 04/25/2013

    Thank you, Beth, for sharing your luxuriant, exuberant gardens and the attendant critters! Ive really appreciated your plant info and thoughtful replies to all. And thank you, Michelle, for this excellent spot to learn and enjoy all things 'garden'! I'm going to use these last 4days to inspire my niece, who has a new home with much shade and is feeling a little lost in Ohio's climate...poor thing grew up in St. Croix, USVI!

  6. tractor1 04/25/2013

    Beth's photos today are icing on the cake, they focus on the details we wouldn't have noticed otherwise. I like all her chachkas, especially the tiny cafe patio in the 5th photo down on the left. And the Toad Prince looks so smug, like he owns the place.

    Oh, this is the 4th and "final" day... well send lots more Beth... thank you!

  7. Happily_Gardening 04/25/2013

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your garden and all within! And is that shamrocks (? - Second row, right hand photo and fifth row, left hand photo) in your garden? I have several as houseplants.

  8. sheila_schultz 04/25/2013

    What a wonderful journey the last four days been, Beth. Thank you!

  9. pattyspencer 04/25/2013

    Love the leaves on the very first photo as well as the color. Yep I want more too - your garden is to die for!

  10. bee1nine 04/25/2013

    Hi Beth, WOW! I ditto with every one these past 4 days. It
    has been a REAL TREAT indeed!! I have been marveling over
    the wonderful photo's and so greatly engaged by it all.
    My words can't express enough the overall beauty of your
    And..yes, I also like that you find shepherds hooks to be
    very usefull. Don't know what I'd do without them!

    YOO-Hoo- pattyspencer(my fairy buddy) Did you see the little
    fairy sitting area in today's 5th photo, left side?

    Much thanks again Beth + thank you too, Michelle ! :)

  11. cwheat000 04/26/2013

    Thank you for four days of wonderful pictures.

  12. blue_nigella 04/26/2013

    Beth, I am very impressed with your garden photos these past 4 days. Everything is so gorgeous!!! Your comments have been very imformative and educational. I plan to "borrow" some of the ideas I have seen in your photos. Thanks so much for sharing!

  13. mauritian_host 04/27/2013

    Thank you for this 4 day garden tour Beth this was a real treat love all of them and thank you Michelle for this wonderful post

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