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Beautiful Blooms in Gayle’s Garden in South Carolina

Happy Independence Day, everyone!! Let’s spend today looking at some floral fireworks, courtesy of Gayle McKinney in Columbia, South Carolina.

She says, “I didn’t discover my love for flower gardening until I reached my mid-thirties. My mother died suddenly in the spring of 1994. A few weeks after she died I found some caladium bulbs that I knew she was going to plant. I wanted to plant them only because I knew that was what she had wanted to do.

This was all so new to me that I had to ask my neighbor how to go about planting them. Three weeks after I planted them I discovered that they had broken through the soil.  That was the day that my love for flower gardening was born! I’ve been hooked ever since. I often refer to it as my “dirt therapy!”

I grow lots of lilies, including dayliles, asiatic, trumpet, and oriental lilies. Daisies, salvia, phlox, and coneflowers also have a place in my garden. Begonias are also favorites of mine. I especially love the cane and rhizomatous types. I’ve been fortunate to win several ribbons at our state fair for my begonias.”

WOW, Gayle, those are some serious lilies, of all types! They are GORGEOUS!! Next we want to see pulled back photos of the garden…Thanks so much for sharing these with us today!

Got the day off for the holiday? Take some pics of your garden!! Email me at [email protected]. Enjoy the fireworks! -Michelle

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  1. perenniallycrazy 07/03/2014

    Talk about hardcore lily gardening...your flowers are gorgeous Gayle! I totally love your story too.

    Happy 4th of July weekend to Michelle and all you GPODers who celebrate!

    1. gayle_mckinney 07/04/2014

      Thank you Perennially Crazy! I love your name! And thank you for loving my story!

  2. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 07/04/2014

    You have a lot of superstars in your garden! Foliage may carry gardens through the seasons, but the exclamation points of gorgeous flowers really lends excitement. I love the agapanthus with your lillies. I have two hardy types, but the floral display is not as powerful as the ones you are able to grow. Thanks for contributing to the blog.

    1. gayle_mckinney 07/04/2014

      Thank you Tim Vojt! The agapanthus photo is one of my favorites also.

  3. GrannyMay 07/04/2014

    Gayle, gorgeous daylilies, lilies and companions! Your flower combinations are wonderful and your skilled photography captures the best of each. More photos, please!

    1. gayle_mckinney 07/04/2014

      Thank you GrannyMay! I do love photographing my flowers.

  4. GrannyMay 07/04/2014

    And Happy Independence Day to my southern neighbours!

  5. schatzi 07/04/2014

    Wow! Gorgeous lilies and friends! Beautiful color combinations and amazing begonias. Here in the PNW I have the best luck with tuberous begonias, which I love. And lilies, especially the Orientals. What is that gorgeous white one? Hardy geraniums and hardy fuchsias also do well for me and bloom all summer. More photos, please. Gardening is addictive, isn't it? And what better addiction to have!

    1. gayle_mckinney 07/04/2014

      Hi shirleygraves, The white lily is Muscadet and it's one of my favorites. And yes, I am truly addicted to gardening!

  6. thegardenlady 07/04/2014

    you are talented at gardening and photography; what a sweet story about your mother's caladiums; I hope you always grow caladiums

    1. gayle_mckinney 07/04/2014

      Thank you, Barbara! And yes, I will always grow caladiums. They are very special to me.

  7. User avater
    meander_michaele 07/04/2014

    Gayle, your pictures all have such a festive quality...perfect for our 4th of July holiday. Nice to see the blending of lily types with asiatics standing tall among the daylilies...each one so beautiful in its own way. Your container grouping with the rooster as part of the ensemble is gorgeous...wonderful combination of colors, patterns and textures. Please treat us to additional rounds of pictures when the spirit moves you. Seems like there is lots and lots to see.

    1. gayle_mckinney 07/04/2014

      Thank you, meander1! I appreciate your comments so much. I love my rooster, too!

      1. User avater
        meander_michaele 07/04/2014

        Yes, I have a big crush on your hubba hubba rooster. Is he made of metal..just curious.

        1. gayle_mckinney 07/05/2014

          Yes, he is metal. And he actually has an opening, which you can't see in the photo, making him a watering can. I don't use him that way though, because I think he'll last longer if I don't.

          1. User avater
            meander_michaele 07/05/2014

            I would want that colorful handsome guy to last as long as possible... his job is to look great!

          2. gayle_mckinney 07/06/2014

            I agree!

  8. schatzi 07/04/2014

    Thank you for your reply. Muscadet, hmmm? Guess I'll have to add another one to my collection. And speaking of addictions, I always say I am a certifiable plant-aholic, and I love it! Never met a flower I didn't like. And plant people are the greatest!

    1. gayle_mckinney 07/05/2014

      I'm with you, Shirley, on being a plant-aholic! They make me happy and as I like to say ....... you can bury a lot of problems when you dig in the dirt!

  9. patriciagutierrezsaldivar 07/04/2014

    congratulation on your beautiful garden.

    1. gayle_mckinney 07/05/2014

      Thank you Patricia! I appreciate that very much!

  10. GrannyCC 07/05/2014

    Gorgeous!!!! Would love to see more.

    1. gayle_mckinney 07/05/2014

      Thank you GrannyCC! I'm inspired to get more photos to share!

  11. Meelianthus 07/05/2014

    Hello Gayle ~ A little late here but just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your floral photography, so beautiful and just as beautiful is your story - and you know, 'dirt therapy' is the very BEST kind. Happy gardening !

    1. gayle_mckinney 07/05/2014

      Thank you Meelinathus! Yes, 'dirt therapy' is priceless!

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