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Bay Area Bounty

Bromeliads, cacti, and frogs—oh my!

Today we’re in the Bay Area of California, visiting Anthony’s beautiful collection of plants.

tradescantiaThis tradescantia (Tradescantia fluminensis ‘Variegata’) went from a single stem to this in just a few months. Gotta love fast-growing, great-looking plants. This variety can be grown as a houseplant, used as an annual, or grown outdoors year-around in climates without frost.

Neoreglia odorataA beautiful bromeliad, Neoreglia odorata, produces its small blue flowers for the first time. Bromeliads are usually grown for their dramatic foliage, but the flowers can be pretty nice as well.

Sarracenia leucophyllaOne of Anthony’s pitcher plants (Sarracenia leucophylla, Zones 6–8) got a little hungry for Halloween!

bromeliadsHere are some members of Anthony’s bromeliad collection. Top left: Vriesea ‘Kent’s Sunset’ (or possibly × Vrieslutheria ‘Kent’s Sunset’ depending on which taxonomist you talk to). Bottom left: Aechmea fosteriana ‘Variegata’. Right: Portea nana. Most bromeliads adapt well to life as houseplants or to the outdoors in frost-free climates. They can even be used like summer annuals in colder climes, provided they are brought inside for the winter.

Neoregelia eleutheropetalaA simply stunning bromeliad: Neoregelia eleutheropetala. Look at those colors and that incredible foliage! Most bromeliads are epiphytes, meaning that in nature they live perched on the branches of trees. Mounting them on a piece of wood is a way to mimic those conditions in cultivation.

more bromeliadsSo many beautiful bromeliads!

water snow flakeBut it isn’t just bromeliads. This little water snowflake (Nymphoides geminata, Zones 8–11) grows a little like a water lily and produces these incredible fringed, yellow flowers.

Rebutia narvaecensisAnd cacti: Rebutia narvaecensis outdoes itself when it comes to producing fluffy, pink flowers that bely its spiny nature.

artichokeFrom the vegetable garden comes this gorgeous artichoke.

Australian tree frogsBesides plants, other interesting things live with Anthony, like these rather adorable little Australian tree frogs.

If you want to see more of Anthony’s plants (and other critters!) check out his Instagram: @antsplants510


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  1. User avater
    treasuresmom 12/03/2020

    Wow! Just wow -- that pic of the pitcher plant is unreal!!

  2. User avater
    simplesue 12/03/2020

    I love your world of "plants, animals and everything in-between." I just looked at your instagram (I'd follow but I'm not on Instagram- are you on Pinterest????)) Your halloween creations are so clever and magical! The pitcher plant looks like it's about 20 feet tall LOL! and I love the creation of “Tillandsia Terror” ! Very creative!

  3. btucker9675 12/03/2020

    Those smiling tree frogs are the best!!!

  4. user-7020748 12/03/2020

    gorgeous selection of unusual plants...and amphibians. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Plants_in_Power 12/03/2020

    Love the photos...a bit of sunshine for a grey day here in the NW! Thanks for sharing the Instagram Link...We will follow!

  6. Rebeccazone7 12/03/2020

    I love the yellow water snowflake and and the shot of the tree frogs. You can tell you spend a lot of time with your plants. Beautiful.

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