Notes from the Test Garden

Are We Having Fun Yet?

Why, uh, no, detective, I don’t know what is buried underneath those rectangular mounds of freshly turned soil. Photo: Steve Aitken

When gardening, it is tempting to want to jump the gun and just to get to the fun stuff. We have six out of eight beds dug, and I am fighting the urge to start adding plants. Our old test garden is bursting with forgotten treasures waiting to be brought to their new home. Not only is that more fun than removing the sod from the last two beds but also it’s easier. The fact I have to face is that gardening is often rewarding, sometimes fun, and rarely easy.

We do have our first permanent plants in: Thuja Fire Chief. It is a compact evergreen with spring and fall color. Star Roses and Plants gave them to us for some video shoots we were doing, and I am looking forward to seeing them grow – if they survive. The local deer consider our test garden to be right in the middle of their territory, and we planted these outside of the fence. Also, it hasn’t rained in almost a month, and I have only watered them once since I planted them. I had better stop writing and get out there and give them a drink. That will be rewarding.

Photo/Illustration: Susan Jensen Smith
Photo/Illustration: Steve Aitken

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  1. user-7006891 05/23/2015

    Do you really expect that low fence to keep deer out?

    1. michelleyo 06/01/2015

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