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Ann’s garden in California

Photo/Illustration: All photos courtesy of Ann DuMont

Today’s photos are from Ann DuMont. She says, “I live in Castro Valley, California, a suburb in the San Francisco Bay Area. I love the combination of perennials and succulents.

“Our small garden started out as a white-only English-style garden and has morphed into an English-style California garden with a diverse plant selection that includes roses, brugmansia, salvias, succulents, geraniums, hydrangeas, potted citrus trees, and more.

“Little bits of whimsical garden art are scattered all over the garden. We took out our lawn last year and the sofa you see is the new outdoor living room area with fire pit. We have several seating areas along with a dining area and spend more time outside than in.”

So lush and inviting, Ann–I love it!

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  1. user-1020932 05/06/2014

    i love every single thing in every single photograph and i even see a pothead there too.

  2. wGardens 05/06/2014

    I LOVE it! Great use of your space... so full, lush, inviting! Great photos. Something tucked in everywhere; so much to see and enjoy... the injections of garden art, etc., are marvelous!!

  3. flowerladydi 05/06/2014

    What an Absolutely Fun place! I love it!!!,, not only is your ' yard ' so much fun to look at,, it is so artistically done, you have created a magical retreat! No matter where you look, there is something to see, and I am sure I need to go back again as I have probably missed something. So much color,, yet blended beautifully - Just Love the ' Life is Good ' picture! Can you keep all those pots out all year?,, maybe in San Francisco you can, I can not imagine having to move them all somewhere and start over each year. I am sure you are the talk of the area, and people must just thoroughly enjoy visiting you, Fabulous!!!

  4. soilsister8 05/06/2014

    WOW, WOW!! Think about the fantastic lesson on succulents you could give a group using your garden plantings! But my favorites are your gorgeous shrub roses. I attended the stupendous Heritage Rose Groups show/lecture on heritage roses in El Cerrito when I was working in CA for seven months in the late 90s. The San Francisco Bay Area is one huge, lush garden. Thank you Ann for bringing back so many memories.

  5. gloriaj 05/06/2014

    Beautiful. Everything is beautiful.

  6. gloriaj 05/06/2014

    Jeff did your fig tree make it. Mine I am not sure of, it have a leaf budding on a lower branch and one near the roots

  7. bee1nine 05/06/2014

    Everything is so fabulously laid out! Wonderful color coordination's of plants and pot colors placed to compliment
    their surroundings. LOVE IT !!

  8. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 05/06/2014

    So dense and beautiful. Looks like you have one of those beautiful digitalis-isoplexis hybrids. Such amazing color. Of course i am green with envy over your agaves!

  9. User avater
    meander_michaele 05/06/2014

    I think I'll lay claim to that corner of the couch in the 5th picture down on the left. All my senses will be soothed and/or tickled with garden delight...the heavenly fragrance of the Angel's Trumpet, the visual delight of gazing upon a beautiful composition of succulents, the comfy seating, birds singing, and I'm sure I'd be reaching out to stroke some touchable leaf.
    Ann, you really have created a magical place!

  10. tractor1 05/06/2014

    So much to see, and everywhere things looking back at me. I love that slate path.

  11. user-1020932 05/06/2014

    Mike, i'll arm wrestle you for that spot on the couch. the sad part is,,,,,,,,,,i'll probably lose

  12. NC_Yarden 05/06/2014

    PACKED! I love it. So awesome to have visual stimulation in every direction.

  13. Sunrosa 05/06/2014

    BEAUTIFUL!! Such gorgeous lush treats to the eye everywhere. This is what I'm trying to create in Texas. You have inspired me to go for it. Please continue to share your garden. I would love to see more.

  14. Wife_Mother_Gardener 05/06/2014

    Lovely garden! Thanks for sharing!!

  15. greengenes 05/06/2014

    Good morning San Fransisco! Anne, I so love your style of gardening. Its a jungle in there! Beautiful seating too. Do you know of the "Digging Dog nursery" out your way? I have been purchasing some plants from them lately and I would love to see their place. Some of your plantings reminded me of the nursery. You have done a great job of slipping in your different plants. I so enjoyed seeing the cement chicken and that blooming cactus is to die for! Thanks for sharing with all of us! Oh happy days!

  16. sheila_schultz 05/06/2014

    Your yard is sheer perfection, Ann. I'm with Jeff, I love every single thing in every single photograph. No wonder you spend so much time outside! Michaele and Jeff, you're going to have to share space on that loveseat, I'm going to squeeze in between the two of you... hope you don't mind a little company Ann ;)

  17. schatzi 05/06/2014

    I could not agree more. It's gorgeous! Love the color scheme - bright pinks and blues as accents. And what a climate, to be able to enjoy this garden year-round. Love the succulents and agaves and that spectacular pink cactus. Yum!!

  18. Spring_y 05/06/2014

    That's my kind of garden :) Whimsical and cozy, a welcoming oasis. I love the pops of pink. Unexpected and delightful.

  19. Spring_y 05/06/2014

    That's my kind of garden :) Whimsical and cozy, a welcoming oasis. I love the pops of pink. Unexpected and delightful.

  20. GrannyCC 05/06/2014

    Wow, love all the colours of the pinks and blues that jump out at you. It looks like a Secret Garden with the winding pathways and different rooms. It is hard to tell how big the area is.
    Your garden is delightful Anne.

  21. User avater
    gringopeligroso 05/06/2014

    WOW!! My Rat Tail Cactus baskets (Aporocactus) don't ever bloom like y'all's!! Incredible! Nicely grown!! Your Hummers must be Very Happy!!
    LOVE the al fresco people spaces in the gardens!! More enriching than the more common lawns of Suburbia! Thanx for Sharing!!

  22. hontell 05/06/2014

    I don't comment very often, but occasionally I see a picture so drool worthy, i can't resist. The path, bottom left picture, is perfect. Every picture is perfect, your garden is truly beyond words. Howard

  23. digginWA 05/06/2014

    Terrific textures and palette. I'm moving in.

  24. tractor1 05/06/2014

    In the 3rd photo down on the left, in the lower right hand corner, are those oranges I see? And I covet your deep pink duck I see in your bird bath, I want a family of them to float in my pond, Ann, where did you get that duck? I had to spend a few hours this morning changing my tractor over from snow plowing to mowing so now that I have more time to peruse I can see that you have a lovely and *interesting* garden, thank you, Ann... and please send more pictures.

  25. Meelianthus 05/06/2014

    Goodmorning Ann and what a treat to see your great garden. Your succulents are magnificent. They don't seem to do so well in this part of WA state, too much water! What fun to be able to grow so many different types. Your Brugmansia is beautiful, can you leave it out all year? Your garden is a true wonderland, thanks for sharing it.

  26. MmeBez 05/06/2014

    Oh là, là! That's exactly what I want my garden to be when it grows up... :D
    Absolutely, abundantly inviting!
    Thanks for sharing your bounty with us.

  27. janeeliz 05/06/2014

    Oh my goodness....What an inviting garden! Utterly charming, beautiful and fun too! I'd love to explore every little nook and cranny and enjoy a visit on your cozy colorful couch...I'd spend all my time outside too.

  28. Annigans 05/07/2014

    I must say that I'm overwhelmed by all of your wonderful comments! I wish that all of you could come in person for a tour. It's nice to have people who appreciate and know gardening walk around. This garden is small - 60 x 35 feet. I have a no bare dirt policy and am always finding new plants to cram and jam. Guess I'll have to take the front lawn out too. The pots stay outside all year long - there are about 150 of them - too many to move. We do get the occasional freeze - the fountain had a 1/4" of ice on it this past December. When that happens we cover all the succulents with frost cloth. Thank goodness it doesn't happen too often! The brugmansia froze to the ground January 2013, but, as you can see, came back very strong and healthy. The duck came from the Oakland Museum White Elephant sale. An old decoy for $1 that was painted my favorite shade of hot pink. The hydrangeas are starting to bloom. The digiplexis is a great new plant. I've been in the mood for plants with that orangey-pink hue. The patio and pathway is black limestone. We have an abundance of wildlife too - lots of birds and lizards. The hummers get an all natural diet with all these flowers and we enjoy watching them chase each other through the yard. Oh, the pink rose is Gertrude Jekyll - the scent is amazing. We definitely spend more time watching everything than working - this garden really takes care of itself with major clean ups 3-4 times per year (and occasional snipping and picking, which is all therapy!). Whimsical and cozy are definitely the right words for this crazy garden. Thanks again for all the compliments!

  29. user-7006902 05/07/2014

    Such imagination! I am inspired and in awe.

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