Garden Photo of the Day

An Aerial Perspective

By Kim Charles

Steve and Janice Tallman showcase their garden via drone video. 

"This is our Garden in Everett WA. We have lived her for 26 years.

Click the link below to view drone video.

Drone Video Link: Janice's Garden

Video courtesy of: Karl Tallman from Aptos California

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  1. frankgreenhalgh 07/20/2017

    Hello Janice & Steve - What an absolutely brilliant way to take us on a virtual tour of your outstanding terraced garden with such a lovely water view! It is simply all class. There are too many wonderful features that highlighting any particular ones would not do justice to all of them. It is great that there were people in your garden for the video. Did you design and landscape the garden yourselves? OK Karl - lets keep it in the family and give you some credit as well for the video! Cheers from Oz

  2. User avater
    meander_michaele 07/20/2017

    Well, well, there goes my productivity for the day, Steve and Janice. I've already watched the video twice and I think there will be more times to come. This was an outstanding way to show the full impact of your amazing landscaping...absolutely fascinating. When it comes to the still photos (are they screen captures from the drone video, by the way?)...I'm particularly struck by the perfect placement of the weeping evergreen in picture creates a plant waterfall to mimic the water one right next to it. Everything is Sooo beautifully done and and your standard for care and maintenance is admirably and enviably high (ha, higher than the drone can fly.)

  3. user-7007498 07/20/2017

    How fun to get a birds eye view of a garden. I loved the video. The gold carex in the 6th photo really makes the hostas pop. Love the borrowed view in the first photo (Puget Sound?). Thanks for sharing.

  4. user-6536305 07/20/2017

    Absolutely top notch garden and high maintenance. (Christopher Llyod about Great Dixter:"Dixter’s is a high maintenance garden; I make no bones about that. It is effort that brings reward. There are many borders and much work goes into them. Labour saving ground cover is not for me. If you see ground cover, it’s there because, first and foremost, I like it. If it does also save labour, that is an incidental benefit.") Thanks for sharing your hard work. Love it and your video. You two bring gardening to a new level.

    1. janicetallman 07/24/2017

      it is a very high maintenance garden. I love working in it but my hands are getting tired. I plan to add more conifers in the future.

  5. tennisluv 07/21/2017

    OK, garden lust. The way you have mixed and threaded color combinations, textures, sizes, plant types, et al is amazing. The drone video is the perfect way to showcase your beautifully landscaped garden from all sides and directions. I frequently find myself, when looking at other posting, wishing for a diagram or bird's eye perspective of the gardens being shared. Now I find myself wishing for more ground level pictures of your handiwork. Your garden is obviously dearly loved. one question: What is the weeping conifer by the water feature & lovely crane statue? Thanks for sharing.

  6. deeinde 07/21/2017

    Stunning garden! How awesome to have the drone video. And I bet with your collection of conifers it is just a beautiful in winter. How I would love to wander down your walkways!

    1. janicetallman 07/24/2017

      you are welcome to visit anytime
      Thank you

  7. user-6861263 07/24/2017

    Absolutely incredible. I wish all the plants came with labels so I could zoom in on all of them! The video was amazing- you have carved out a piece of heaven on your hillside, no square inch is wasted. You have masterfully combined such a huge selection of textures and colors, conifers and deciduous-
    I am green with envy!

    1. janicetallman 07/24/2017

      I made a page on pintrest. Plants in my garden. I am still working on it. Winter project.

      1. user-6861263 07/24/2017

        I will search it out! Awesome!

  8. floreyd 07/24/2017

    WOW! Incredible--very lovely and your hard work is evident.

  9. user-7007395 07/24/2017

    Wow, that is unbelievable.

  10. janet_sydoruk 07/24/2017

    Just amazing. Fantastic. Wonderful garden. I too would appreciate knowing the names of your various plants and what zone are you in.

    1. janicetallman 07/24/2017

      zone 8b. I have made a category on my pinterest page. Plants in my garden.

  11. User avater
    LindaonWhidbey 07/24/2017

    Good morning across the water, Janet and Steve. You certainly have made good use of your hillside and I love the drone perspective. Is your large beautiful golden conifer a Cryptomeria Sekkan-Sugi? Looking at how green everything is there, you must have taken these photos earlier in the summer or you have a great watering system. I love your paths and great uses of grasses. This is a garden that needs a walk through so we'll be over later today:)

    1. User avater
      LindaonWhidbey 07/24/2017

      So Janice ( sorry about ac mistake), after reading other comments, I realized that I missed the best part of this post, the actual video. Since it's from two years ago, do you go back to it to see how things were doing then? This is such a great way to take a garden tour.
      Thanks for sharing.

      1. janicetallman 07/24/2017

        I do look at it in the winter months. It helps me remember the dahlia colors etc

        1. User avater
          LindaonWhidbey 07/24/2017

          Oh, didn't know about that tour. If your garden is an indication of the level of gardens on the tour, we'll have to look into it next summer.

    2. janicetallman 07/24/2017

      I have been watering like crazy. I was on the Mukilteo quilt and garden tour last weekend so things needed to be green. We had 1000-1200 people in two days. My paths never felt so narrow. You are right about the Cryptomeria!

  12. DarliBarli 07/24/2017

    What a lovely mature garden! It is clear you spend a lot of time caring for it. Inspiring and lovely. Thanks for sharing it with GPOD garden lovers.

  13. gardencook 07/24/2017

    Wow!!! This is a beautiful garden and so much work must have gone into creating and maintaining it!!! Not a weed to be seen!!! Everything looks so healthy and vigorous!!!

    1. janicetallman 07/24/2017

      I have added a ton of compost to it. I have to carry it in buckets because there is no path for a wheel barrow. I have been told that I work harder not smarter. LOL

      1. gardencook 07/24/2017

        It certainly shows your diligent work and passion!!! What kind of compost do you use or do you have a composter for your food scraps?

      2. user-7007059 07/27/2017

        I feel your pain here, we also have a garden that requires lots of bucket carrying!

  14. user-4691082 07/24/2017

    Whoa! I am speechless! I love the boxwood? hedge. It is so well manicured. Everything you have done is so well planned out! Are you two professional gardeners? I know what you mean by tired hands... well done!

  15. sheila_schultz 07/24/2017

    Janice, the view of your gardens is incredible from above... all the textures, shapes and colors make a statement as to why they were placed in their particular spots. Gorgeous design. You certainly deserve your awards, and I'm guessing it's not only your hands that are tired at the end of a day of gardening!

    1. janicetallman 07/24/2017

      I do all of the gardening. My husband grocery shops and cooks my dinner. I am a lucky girl

      1. sheila_schultz 07/24/2017

        How wonderful for both of you! You get to do what you love and he can reap the benefits... sounds like a great partnership!

  16. user-1136429 07/24/2017

    Awesome garden! Thanks for sharing. I have a very similar garden (in my dreams).

  17. Coveside 07/24/2017

    Love the combinations of color and texture in the foliage! In the photo third from last, the light blue plant -- hosts? -- is stunning! Do you know the name?

    1. janicetallman 07/24/2017

      the hosta is called June. The gold grass is Bowles Golden Sedge

      1. Coveside 07/25/2017

        Thanks so much! You have a great eye and seemingly boundless energy! Inspiring.

  18. anibanani 07/24/2017

    Not a view you get to see often. Looks beautiful from above and at eye level.

  19. user-7007466 07/24/2017

    Beautiful!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  20. Cenepk10 07/24/2017

    Whoa ! That is pretty. Greatest way to see the garden. So much better than regular photo that doesn't give proper perspective- Nice

  21. user-7008735 07/24/2017

    You've made such great use of your hillside site, Janice! I love all the interconnecting pathways, the many seating nooks (though I'll bet you don't get to rest in any of them for long!), and your wonderful Dr. Seuss tree next to the house. Is it a Giant Weeping Sequoia?

    1. janicetallman 07/24/2017

      thank you. Yes it is a Giant Weeping Sequoia.

      1. user-7008735 07/24/2017

        I really like how it ties your tall house into the hillside and mimics the flow of your garden. Such a cool tree!

  22. Sunshine111 07/24/2017

    Very cool!

  23. schatzi 07/24/2017

    Wow! I am absolutely in awe of the garden and the video. Fantastic!

  24. maryannborcherding 07/24/2017

    I will echo everyone else's comments about your glorious garden. Wish I could have been on that tour. Just drove through there last weekend for a garden tour in Langley BC. Besides the beautiful garden I'm sure you get to see all of the ferries and other ships plying the sound. MaryAnn Vancouver WA

  25. user-5070802 07/24/2017

    Wow! So fantastic. Just beautiful, I can't compliment you enough. I worry about buying too many plants, but you have all of yours arranged so lovely. I see I have some catching up to do

  26. user-7008782 07/24/2017

    This is mouth dropping ,awe inspiring, beautiful !! Well done ! You must feel in Heaven on Earth !

  27. user-7007140 07/24/2017

    Unbelievably lovely garden. Congratulations on keeping it all so beautifully manicured, I could not be more impressed. Thank you for sharing your work and showing us all how very talented you are. A real treat.

  28. megonfitchmountain 07/24/2017

    This video could be used to sell drones to gardeners (and to make us all spend more time in the garden to strive for a garden like this!). Absolutely spectacular design, plant choices and maintenance. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Doxnmomx2 07/25/2017

      I thought the same thing! I've never thought of drones for touring gardens. I used to think drones were kind of a silly thing for people to buy.

  29. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 07/24/2017

    Very cool. Such a great layout and so many wonderful specimens.

  30. nancy_royal 07/24/2017

    What an awesome garden! You must spend a lot of time out there because it doesn't look like there's a leaf out of place. I really enjoyed the video. Thanks for the tour.

  31. user-7008782 07/24/2017

    What is the bright yellow tree? Gorgeous plantings..and what is the tall royal blue flowers?

  32. erla 07/24/2017

    Wow! What fun. With a garden so full, how else could you get such a view. Amazing what can be done with technology these days. Did you have it photographed professionally or are you able to do it yourself?

    1. janicetallman 07/24/2017

      my brother in law did it for me. Karl Tallman from Aptos Ca.

      1. erla 07/24/2017

        Thanks for answering. He did a beautiful job using all the different altitudes to show off all the nooks and crannies of your lovely home and garden.

  33. JoannaAtGinghamGardens 07/24/2017

    Absolutely stunning! I want more... Yours is a garden I would love to come and stroll through. Thanks so much for sharing!

  34. cindijacobs 07/24/2017

    I commented after the video...but this was an incredible video and jaw dropping gardens I had to write again. I am litterally awestruck!

    1. janicetallman 07/25/2017

      thank you!!!!

  35. Vespasian 07/24/2017

    Love it, what great views, as Cenepk10 mentioned we don't get enough long views. Even your veggies are in a beautiful setting. I am working on a new garden having moved last year from a much larger garden so having lots of fun with it as it was a blank canvas! I hope you enjoy relaxing in your beautiful oasis!

  36. GrannyCC 07/24/2017

    Wonderful perspective. It really show off your design. Glad you put in some photos too so we could see things up close.

  37. user-7007940 07/25/2017

    Very nice garden. I live in Newcastle, WA

  38. janicetallman 07/25/2017

    we have been here 26 years and I have been working on it the whole time. More intensely in the last 10 years.. It is about 1/2 acre.

  39. janeeliz 07/25/2017

    AMAZING garden! Such plants, texture, color, variety of trees and shrubs , DESIGN!. Awesome video, too ..what fun that must have been to make. Was it hard to do? I have no idea. Eerie and fascinating watching first man walk in video. I'm very low tech. but found it very interesting.

    1. janicetallman 07/25/2017

      that was my neighbor Jill, she was wondering what that buzzing noise was. My brother in law Karl brought his Drone up from California to film my Husbands 60th Birthday tubing on Lake Shoecraft. He was nice enough to do my garden for me.

  40. User avater
    user-7007816 07/25/2017

    Probably the most beautiful garden I've seen on these pages. You clearly love plants and have an eye for putting them together effectively.

    1. janicetallman 07/25/2017

      thank you!

  41. Doxnmomx2 07/25/2017

    No other word except perfect! Thank you for sharing! You've certainly made me smile.

    1. janicetallman 07/25/2017

      thank you!

  42. user-7007059 07/27/2017

    What a beautiful space you've created! I love the use of the drone to capture views that 'explain' the layout of the garden and show how thoughtfully it's put together. I'm also gardening in the northwest so of course I love your plant palette! Lovely.

  43. oodstalcup 09/12/2017


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