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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais

The classic sunflower always seems to be photographed head on. But the way my garden is situated, this is what I see as I walk to my car each morning during the summer, since the sunflowers point their faces southward. I think it’s just as beautiful!

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  1. Peaceofpie 04/08/2011

    great photo of a beautiful sunflower!
    I've been trying these past two years to grow a row of a variety of different sunflowers at different heights and colours e†c in the back southeast corner of my backyard (which ge†s lots of ample sunshine)...bu† have been unsuccessful to date to grow the darn things. I've tried them from seed, planting small 2-3" seedlings in the ground in early Spring but I have many squirrels in my yard and think they are the "Kings" of my yard as I have never seen even the seedlings take root and grow. Any suggestions? Are there any 4'-10' sunflower plants that you can buy at local garden centres that are in the early point in their growth at 1'-2' heights in pots?

  2. ncgardener 04/08/2011

    I had the same problem but this year I started the seeds indoors until they got about 4 inches high then I planted them outdoors, oh yeah I hardened them off first. They seem to be doing just fine. Yes I lost a few but the others are going strong. Good luck.

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