Garden Photo of the Day

An Unexpected Forest Garden

By Kim Charles

Part 1: Linda Skyler showcases her photos from one beautiful forest garden on Bainbridge Island, WA.

Here is the link should you like to visit.

     The Bloedel Reserve is a 150 acre forested public garden on Bainbridge Island in Washington state. The gardens were created by Prentice & Virginia Bloedel who resided in their home there from 195l-1986, and is a beautiful example of Pacific Northwest landscaping.The founders vision was "to provide refreshment and tranquility in the presence of natural beauty". A walk thru this acreage will awaken all of your senses and so we come here often to take the 2 mile walk thru the woods.  Enjoy."

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  1. perenniallycrazy 03/06/2017

    So beautiful! It's on my bucket list for awhile now too. Thanks for sharing Linda. Looking forward to Part 2.

  2. Jay_Sifford 03/06/2017

    I LOVE Bloedel Reserve. It's one of my five top gardens. I've been only once, which was last June. It was raining and my camera was full, so my visit was shorter than I would have preferred and without too many photos. I do want to go back and soak the garden in. Talking about capturing the genius loci, this garden does it magnificently. And I too love that boardwalk.
    Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Meelianthus 03/06/2017

      Your welcome Jay and the boardwalk gives you a great view of all of the swamp plants - and creatures and yet makes little impact on the surroundings.

  3. user-7007498 03/06/2017

    Good morning, Linda. The reserve looks so peaceful and a wonderful place to unwind. The forests of the PNW and the East Coast have so much beauty. Looking forward to tomorrow.

    1. Meelianthus 03/06/2017

      It is definitely a wonderful place to gather your thoughts and really just about impossible to photograph ALL of the incredibly beautiful areas. The first photo, the 'bird marsh' is always full of many different types of ducks and they even use to have two swans.

  4. bsavage 03/06/2017

    So serene and beautiful!

  5. User avater
    meander_michaele 03/06/2017

    Talk about midnight blue waters...your first pictures communicates a hint of mystery balanced out with nature's serenity. What are the large leafed plants edging the pathway? They are fascinating looking.

    1. Quiltingmamma 03/06/2017

      Those fascinating large leaved plants are 'skunk cabbage' Lysichiton americanus.

      1. User avater
        meander_michaele 03/06/2017

        Thanks, Maria. The flowers reminded me of something else but I'm pulling a complete blank on what I'm trying to think of...oh, the lightbulb just turned on...the shape of white flowers of a peace lily. Ha, now I've remembered, I will be able to rest easy.

        1. Quiltingmamma 03/06/2017

          I wouldn't want you left sleepless trying to identify this. Ha ha. It is a lovely sign of Spring and despite the name and smell, it isn't as overpowering as some plants. It definitely catches people's attention.

          1. User avater
            meander_michaele 03/06/2017

            Do you happen to know if this yellow flowering variety is more limited to the Pacific Northwest? I feel like I remember seeing something identified by others as "skunk cabbage" when I lived in an area outside of Baltimore MD. It was a spring ephemeral and I don't ever remember seeing flowers.

          2. Quiltingmamma 03/06/2017

            There are a few 'skunk cabbage'. I don't know if the Western is an ephemeral or not. Seems it was introduced to UK and has become invasive. Eastern skunk cabbage is different genus Symplocarpus foetidus .

          3. User avater
            meander_michaele 03/06/2017

            Thanks for the additional info that an eastern skunk cabbage does exist. Think I'll go look it up and do some reading.

    2. Meelianthus 03/06/2017

      The large leafed Lysichiton also come in a rarely seen white and it is a shame they have such a 'stinky' name as they don't really smell that much and the flower is quite lovely. They are swamp flowers and love a pond of really mucky water.

      1. User avater
        meander_michaele 03/06/2017

        Certainly sounds like it has lots of positive attributes and a person wouldn't be crazy to plant it on purpose in the right growing conditions.

  6. user-4691082 03/06/2017

    All I can think about is how unselfish these dear people were to make this a public garden! I should like to visit someday, if I could! Thanks for the visual refreshment!

  7. Quiltingmamma 03/06/2017

    This is a beautiful park area and so PNW. These little gems shared on GPOD would go unknown to travellers, so thanks for posting - and Fine Gardening, thanks for keeping GPOD alive.
    History note: The Bloedel name is big both sides of the border. Being part of a large logging consortium - MacMillan Bloedel, they were/are responsible for most of the logging in British Columbia; particularly Vancouver Island. Individually, members of both families worked to keep particular areas of old growth and prime 'real estate' as parks (for example Cathedral Grove). Prentice was also honored for providing $ for the building of a conservatory in Vancouver.

    1. User avater
      LindaonWhidbey 03/06/2017

      Is the conservatory the one at Stanley Park or Queen Elizabeth?

      1. Quiltingmamma 03/06/2017

        Queen Elizabeth's Bloedel Conservatory.

  8. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 03/06/2017

    Thanks for another visit to Bloedel Preserve, Linda. I've whined before that our visit there was at the end of the day, several years ago, and way too short. I'm dying to go back. It is a magical place and I love that the staff requested that we enjoy the place quietly out of respect for others. Very civilized! :)

    1. Meelianthus 03/06/2017

      Yes, it truly is magical Tim, and even if the parking lot is full of cars you rarely see anyone on your journey thru the acreage, as it is so vast, it makes it even more magical.

  9. greengenes 03/06/2017

    What a beautiful place to wake up to! Thank you Linda for this beautiful walk thru the woods! Always a wonderful place to experience all year long!

    1. Meelianthus 03/06/2017

      Hi Jeanne, hope you can make it to Bloedel's this Spring - and come by, I have a new garden!

  10. User avater
    LindaonWhidbey 03/06/2017

    Thanks, Linda, for reconfirming that we must get down to visit this beautiful garden. It's been on our list since moving here 4 1/2 years ago but I guess we've just gotten too busy with our own garden. You're very lucky to have something like that close to you.

    1. Meelianthus 03/06/2017

      You're welcome Linda and hope you are able to make a visit to this wonderland.

  11. tennisluv 03/06/2017

    From your pictures, the Bloedel Reserve is truly a lovely natural forest, home and manicured grounds. I used to travel to Seattle on a lovely basis on business and loved how lush the plantings were in your lovely state. Unfortunately, I was not into gardening then or I would have sought this gem out. You are truly fortunate to have such a place so close to your home. Thanks for sharing.

  12. digginWA 03/07/2017

    I recall during my visit how striking the pool was after wandering through fairly natural plantings. Passing that hedge you come upon this 100% manipulation of the landscape. It's a neat effect in the middle of the tall trees. Thanks for sharing, Linda. I'd love to see your new garden.

  13. Cenepk10 03/08/2017

    Good Ness.... what spectacular sights !!!! Virtual Feast. Thank you !!!!

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