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Alicia’s visit to the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, Day 2

Another day in one of my fave gardens, courtesy of Alicia Bacon! in case you missed it, yesterday she said, "My husband and I visited Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens last August (2013) on our way up to go sailing in Maine. It was our second visit there and each time it is absolutely beautiful!" So cool, Alicia. Thanks!

For those of you attending the Northwest Flower & Garden Show next week, we'll meet in the lobby bar of the Sheraton right after my talk at 3:15 today! Maybe 4:30? I'll be the one holding nametags and a pen….and please forgive me in advance. I am HORRIBLE with names….

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  1. jerrysiss 02/11/2015

    I especially like the stone fountain. Pretty cool. Very nice place to visit I'm sure. Inspiration. Aren't flowers wonderful? Kinda like Flower in Bambi!

  2. User avater
    meander_michaele 02/11/2015

    Thanks, Alicia, for these great photos. This is an awesome garden with wonderful plantings and really impressive hardscape. Love the rock walls, generous paver walkways and playful garden art. That swath of white coneflower (one of the newer named varieties? ) is delightful.

    Oh, and I'll be thinking of the fortunate ones among you fellow gpod-ers who will be attending the Flower and Garden show, getting to hear Michelle's presentation, and then have the fun mix and mingle where faces and personalities get put to names. Have a great time and TAKE PICTURES!

    1. greengenes 02/11/2015

      Hi Meander1...thanks for the well wishes for us today at the show. We are on our way on the ferry headed to Seattle. It will be alot of fun to meet everyone face to face. Sure wish we could all meet sometime in the future. That's an idea! We will take pictures for sure!

  3. GrannyMay 02/11/2015

    One of the nicest ways of learning what might grow in your area is to visit public gardens. It is also a great way to get design ideas, like that wooden loon on the rock. Thank you Alicia!

    Hope all you GPODers are having a wonderful time at the show. Take lots of photos! Michelle, I'm sure your talk will be exceptional. It certainly was last year. You know how to put together a lot of information and photos to produce a cohesive and interesting story. I think your presentations should be filmed and made available to those who cannot attend.
    I want to thank you for the great article about my garden in the latest issue of the magazine (finally received it yesterday). Well done!

    Terie, congratulations on your terrific story and beautiful photos! I knew in advance that it would not disappoint!

    1. User avater
      meander_michaele 02/11/2015

      May, I meant to mention last week that flipping to the back of the recent issue and reading your story was my reward for finally finishing a less than favorite gardening task (cutting back waaay too many 'Crimson Pygmy' barberries. I don't think I fully appreciated the physical challenges you faced early on with your property. All your gpod photos show things to be so lush and drool worthy nowadays but you sure as heck paid your gardening dues! Michelle had to have had a hard time deciding which photos of yours to use.

      1. GrannyMay 02/11/2015

        Thanks Michaelle! I was sooo curious about what Michelle would choose for photos and what she would use in the story. How can you distill 23 years of garden history into a single page? I could never be so concise! I'm still hauling materials one wheel-barrowful at a time. It keeps me healthy and I avoid having to pay for a gym membership. Even I cannot believe how much can be accomplished over time. Just for fun I'll attach a photo I took in December 1991 when I had decided to purchase the property.

        1. User avater
          meander_michaele 02/11/2015

          Amazing and inspiring, May! You have earned more kudos than I can possibly or properly express and, ha, that's saying a lot since I'm also known for being wordy! Isn't it wonderful to have an all consuming passion that gets us out in the fresh air and involves our minds as well as our bodies. It has infinite variety and there is no real right or wrong. Thanks for sharing this picture.

          1. GrannyMay 02/11/2015

            Yes, it is a wonderful, healthy,fulfilling passion. I love that there is no right or wrong garden, just whatever pleases you at that point in time. And that it can evolve and change. So glad it will never be 'finished' or 'done'.

    2. user-7007362 02/12/2015

      Thank you very much May. I too am thinking of all the GPODers that are gathering to represent us. It would be amazing to be able to view your presentation Michelle!!! We are, across the nation, cheering you on. ?

  4. greengenes 02/11/2015

    Looks like a great place to go and spend some time! Is it right on the coast so you would have water views? I have always wanted to see Maine. Thanks for sharing this beautiful place with us, Alicia!

  5. GrannyCC 02/11/2015

    Thanks for sharing this lovely garden.
    Have fun all you GPODers. We envy you!!

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