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Aissa’s New Garden

Finding joy in a new gardening hobby

Today we’re visiting Aissa’s garden in Linden, New Jersey.

I moved from a tiny one-bedroom apartment to a townhome with a small backyard. After reading and researching ideas all winter, I have been finding joy in my newfound hobby of gardening.

vegetables and herbs with ornamental plantsI have been making the most of this little garden space by mixing vegetables and herbs with ornamental plants.

Miniature sunflowersMiniature sunflowers (Helianthus annuus, annual) bring cherry color to the garden. Miniature versions of plants are a great way to make the most of a small garden area.

gardening containers of different heightsMixing containers of different heights gives interest and dimension to the garden space.

place to sit and enjoy the garden with a water featureOf course, the most important feature in any garden is a great place to sit and enjoy it, with a water feature to add a soothing sound to the scene.

Dwarf dahliasDwarf dahlias (Dahlia variabilis, Zones 8–11 or as an annual)

red miniature roseA beautiful red miniature rose joins other plants thriving in containers.

Miniature rosesMiniature roses have all the beauty and character of their larger cousins, and they show off beautifully in containers or small garden spaces.

oriental lilyThe huge white flowers of this lovely Oriental lily (Lilium hybrid, Oriental group, Zones 5–9) are filled with incredible fragrance.

peacock statueNot every garden can boast a resident peacock!

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  1. sandyprowse 12/07/2021

    Truly adorable. Well done!

  2. garden1953 12/07/2021

    Sweet garden. I love it!

  3. sagebird52 12/07/2021

    Great job in a small space - so beautifully relaxing

  4. User avater
    cynthia2020 12/07/2021

    Hi, Aissa. Your love of gardening shines through in your photos! I especially like the rose and the bright flowers. I can also see some of the herbs you've enjoyed!

  5. User avater
    treasuresmom 12/07/2021

    Very good use of a tiny space. Well done!

  6. cheryl_c 12/07/2021

    The fun you have had this first year of gardening really jumps out of all of the photos! To even have room for a seating area, a water feature, and a sculpture - now that took some planning! Good job, and please share pictures of your second year of gardening as I am sure you will be adjusting and improving - maybe even expanding!- 'cuz that's what gardeners do!

  7. sheila_schultz 12/07/2021

    What a lovely beginning for your 'digging in the dirt' future! You are going to thoroughly enjoy all of the adventures and learning with different plants that are in your future. Keep having fun being outside your door and one with nature.

  8. wittyone 12/07/2021

    Great start. Be sure to send in more next year. I know there will be more, good beginnings always bring on more of the same. But since your "same" is flowers the possibilities are endless.

  9. btucker9675 12/07/2021

    So pretty! Enjoy your great new hobby - it will bring you years of joy!

  10. User avater
    bdowen 12/07/2021

    Inspiring to see how much you have done with one year and one small (how small?) space. Looking forward to more photos.

  11. [email protected] 12/07/2021

    What an incredible job! You have managed to fit so many wonderful features into your space, but it doesn't look all jammed and crammed in- we can appreciate every piece of your work. Hope you get some time to relax and enjoy your little haven.

  12. bsavage 12/07/2021

    Very lovely! Well done to you!

  13. pattyspencer 12/09/2021

    What a really pretty and relaxing space that is - you did an awesome job

  14. carolineyoungwilliams 12/15/2021

    Great job Aissa! Your creative thinking made a beautiful area for relaxation.

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