A Tough Tool Belt That Will Last Forever

Fine Gardening – Issue 203
Photo: courtesy of Susan Calhoun

I have several tools that I keep with me while gardening. For the longest time, I was putting them down in one place and then looking afterward for where I had left them. I used a bucket in the past to carry my tools, but that still required me to go back and forth from my working area to where my tools were. Now I use this deluxe garden tool belt from Gardener’s Kit in Canada. With four pockets, it is designed with gardeners in mind. Mine (pictured) carries my pruners, a saw, a paint pen, plant tags and ties, and my weeder. It’s adjustable, made of leather, and extremely heavy duty.

—Susan Calhoun is the owner of Plantswoman Design in Bainbridge Island, Washington.


Price: $230.00 ($285.00

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