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A Stairway to Garden Heaven

What a wonderful, puposeful path Belinda Mayer has created, complete with stairs to a campfire space!

"You’ve featured my garden twice before but I wanted to send in more pictures of my campfire area and the stairs going down to it. I live in Kinburn, Ontario just outside of Ottawa on a 4 acre treed property. It’s mostly hardwood including sugar maple, white pine, ash, elm, oak, fir, ironwood, and hickory. I recently finished my campfire pit just along the wood edge. I have a 10 minute trail through the woods that I walk every evening. For more photos, you can visit my Nature Bee Blog page"

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  1. User avater
    meander_michaele 07/13/2015

    Hope you don't mind, Belinda, that in my imagination, I've already walked down your safe and well done stairway and laid claim to a chair. Looks like a comfortably shady spot that is probably quite welcoming throughout the day. It's always nice to have a destination that is special and not much beats seating around a fire pit. I like the colorful array of flowers that is there to walk by and gaze back on. It's a very nice project!

    1. perenniallycrazy 07/14/2015


      1. User avater
        meander_michaele 07/14/2015

        Well, Cherry, there are 4 chairs so we can plop down and there's still room for Belinda and another!

        1. belindamayer 07/17/2015

          Come on over!

          1. User avater
            meander_michaele 07/17/2015

            Wouldn't all of us gardeners love to have a Star Trek type transporter machine and pop in on each other's gardens to our heart's content. Wouldn't that be FUN!?

  2. NWAgardener 07/13/2015

    Your own nature trail - how marvelous! I love how you enter the trail and fire pit area through an arbor and down a set of stairs surrounded by flowers. Are you planning to plant something on the trellis?

    1. belindamayer 07/17/2015

      You can't see it but I did have something planted there. I planted a honeysuckle and the first year it covered the trellis and looked amazing. Then the past two years, the vines don't have any regrowth and look dead. The plant starts growing only from the base. I'm going to have to plant something else there. Not sure why the honeysuckle doesn't do well, I see it in other people's gardens and it's very big!

  3. NCYarden 07/13/2015

    How fortunate...I love woodland trails. I can't imagine my own path long enough to take a small journey each evening. The garden flanked stairs really make it inviting, whether for the whole loop or just a seat at the fire pit. I like it.

    1. belindamayer 07/17/2015

      Thanks, I love walking my trail every evening. It's very peaceful. Sometimes I do the loop two or three times!

  4. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 07/13/2015

    That is so inviting, Belinda. I went back to the previous posts that featured your garden to refresh my memory. I really love your lush, naturalistic plantings and your wonderful setting. The hardscaping and path lend some nice organization and viewing opportunities. Well done!

    1. belindamayer 07/17/2015

      Thank you!

  5. annek 07/13/2015

    What a soothing respite for the end of a Long day. You've created an inviting, well-tended area with lots of charm. What was the base for your walkway?

    1. belindamayer 07/17/2015

      The base is stone dust, cheap and easy to install.

  6. sheila_schultz 07/13/2015

    I can just imagine all the tall tales shared around your crackling campfire. Good friends, warm fire and a tasty beverage at the end of a busy day... sounds close to perfect!

  7. GrannyMay 07/13/2015

    Lovely to visit your garden in the forest again, Belinda! I too went back to your previous post at and checked out your facebook blog at You've put in a lot of sweat equity hauling rocks for the garden beds and the paths.

    In using mainly native plants you have created a beautiful garden in harmony with the land it sits in. How wonderful to have your own campfire area and nature trail! I would love to see some of that in glorious fall colours!

    1. belindamayer 07/17/2015

      Yes, I spent a lot of time and energy hauling rocks out of the woods. It took me several years but was worth it, and it was free!

  8. ILfarmersdaughter 07/13/2015

    What a beautiful and relaxing walkway thru your woodlands. You have sparked my interest in putting in a walkway thru the woods in my backyard. What is the base material you used for your stones? Love the pretty flowers and ferns along the sides. Thank you for sharing.

    1. belindamayer 07/17/2015

      The base material is stone dust. It's fairly cheap and easy to install!

  9. GrannyCC 07/13/2015

    What a beautiful addition to your garden. Love the stairs so much better than that slope that looks difficult to walk on.. Your garden lookslike it is filled with wonderful flowers to please butterflies and bees.

  10. GrannyCC 07/13/2015

    Forgot to say I went to your blog and loved your trailer. Have fun camping this summer! I really enjoyed your blog too.

    1. belindamayer 07/17/2015

      Thanks for checking it out, I love my teardrop camper. It's the perfect size!

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