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A Colorful Perennial Garden

Kwanso Daylily

Jane Watkins in Apalachin, NY shares her beautiful perennial gardens with over 75 daylily plants! 

"I live in central NY (zone 5b) on 5+ acres.  I have multiple perennial gardens in the 2 acre cleared portion of our yard.  Most of my gardens are in full sun, but I do have a small shade garden to the side of the house. Spring starts with Siberian iris in the 70’ rear border & hellebores in the shady area.  I have over 75 daylily plants, and they are the backbone of my summer garden:  Kwanso double orange is a favorite.  Late summer & early autumn is a riot of yellow/red/purples from the rubeckia/helenium/hibiscus/sedums/asters in the driveway border."

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Xrubeckia Helenium
Sedum Rubeckia
Siberian Iris with six tree swallow babies in a bird house

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  1. candicedirckzeperera 08/27/2015

    a myraid of colour. amazing

  2. user-4691082 08/27/2015

    Your plants all look so healthy! I have rudbeckia but mine don't seem as dense as yours. I just love that purple sedum- do you know the variety? Do you have your daylilies staggered for extended bloom time? Mine seem to peter out all at once. Great job!

  3. User avater
    meander_michaele 08/27/2015

    What a warm rich tapestry the combination of the rubeckia and helenium create, Jane. Is one plant more vigorous and spreading than the other or are they pretty equal and end up respecting each other's boundaries? I really like the effect. I certainly share your daylily fever and with such a multitude of daylilies (are you talking 75 different varieties?), it seems like you will have lots more pictures to share at some point. I hope so!

  4. cheryl_c 08/27/2015

    I just love the way the echinacea in the third picture echos the rose pink of the sedum! And I agreed with Meander that the rudbeckia and helinium are a warm, rich swath of color. Thanks for sharing.

  5. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 08/27/2015

    Funny. Rich and healthy were the first words that came to my mind. Great shots that clearly tell us you need to submit more photos. That is a great sedum and I love those siberian iris.

  6. user-7007496 08/27/2015

    GORGEOUS! But was expecting lots of daylily pics. The iris are my favorites, though, and the orange double lilies are a knockout.

  7. greengenes 08/27/2015

    Oh my! What a wonderful burst of color this morning! Jane, I can see why the double orange kwanso is your favorite! Iam right there with you on that one! Beautiful! And those Siberian irises are so bold! I do hope you will send in more pictures. Sure would love to see more! Thanks for brightening up our day!

  8. NCYarden 08/27/2015

    Pow! Wonderful swaths of colors. I could be so lucky to have the summer garden look so good. Wow, that sedum is strong - really cool.

  9. GrannyCC 08/27/2015

    What a breath of sunshine this morning. So bold and beautiful. Would like to see more of your daylilies. They must be an amazing sight.

  10. thevioletfern 08/27/2015

    Oh, I love the last photo with the Iris, grasses, spruce ... and birds! I want to plant an area like this - so serene!

  11. sheila_schultz 08/27/2015

    Color, color everywhere... a feast for the eyes! Your iris are simply gorgeous, Jane. More photos please!

  12. eddireid 08/27/2015

    Eye popping color, Jane! Siberian Iris , actually ALL Iris are amongst my favorite plants. The Way you have concentrated color in the various areas makes a great effect. Like everyone else I am left with wanting to see more. Thank you very much for sharing your garden.

  13. wGardens 08/27/2015

    Gorgeous! Love those swaths of iris and rudbeckia! You are fortunate to have enough land to create that effect! Would like to see more photos of your daylilies, also.

  14. user-7007327 08/27/2015

    Love mass plantings.

  15. user-7007076 08/28/2015

    Very lovely! I, too, love those broad swaths of colors.

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