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A simple solution turns into garden art

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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais

Animal deterrents needn’t be ugly. This solution to a common problem became a whimsical bit of art in the garden of Brian Higley and Meg Rasmussen in Beacon, New York. Brian says, “Before our sedum plants filled in our nice concrete dish/pot, there was a problem with the neighborhood cats using it for their daily business. We wanted to keep out the cats while keeping it interesting. We wove an attractive and effective barrier out of sticks to keep the kitties out. It worked well. Once the plants filled in it was still an interesting feature, so we left it intact.”

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  1. LRaye 07/15/2010

    I love this whimsical approach to problem-solving. A friend gave me a bunch of cuttings from her curly willow and I have been using them all season to stake up floppy stems, esp in containers where they also add some nice height and structure.

  2. wwross 07/15/2010

    Sorry, its not that attractive, at least from this angle.

  3. Small_potatoes 07/24/2010

    I don't like it because it looks like something dead.

  4. Foggy_Gardens 07/26/2010

    I place inexpensive bamboo skewers in the soil when planting on bare dirt. The kitties don't wish to squat over a "bed of nails" to do thier business, and once the crop grows to cover the bare soil, the bed is no longer an attractive potty for them.

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