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A Garden Evolves Year After Year

Revisiting a GPOD favorite

Today we’re taking a return visit to Adeline Kong’s garden in British Columbia, Canada. We’ve visited her garden several times over the years, and it is such fun to see how it has changed and evolved over time!

Again, another year has gone by. I can’t believe growing season for 2019 is about to begin.

Since I last shared with you, the garden has progressed. Most of the perennials have filled in, and many are waiting to be divided and added to other parts of the garden and, of course, shared with friends and family. This means that I didn’t have to add in many filler annuals, which equals more time for other garden projects.

The garden is definitely expanding. I will be digging up more beds again to accommodate a veggie garden and perhaps a small rose patch. I can’t wait! It’s definitely getting to be a jungle out there!

The following photos are of 2018’s summer garden.

This year, masses of flowering perennials are taking over from the abundant annuals that have been a centerpiece of the garden in years past. Here bee balm (Mondarda didyma, Zones 4–10) and shasta daisies (Leucanthemum × superbum, Zones 5–8) dominate, filling the garden with blooms.

A welcoming bench in the middle of a cloud of daisies.

This red chair echoes the colors of the bee balms.

Seating is an important aspect of a garden. You have to have someone sit and enjoy the beauty you’ve created.

Purple notes from a cloud of tall verbena (Verbena bonariensis, Zones 7–10 or as annual) in front of a mass of zinnias (Zinnia elegans, annual).

More tall verbena, mingling with dahlias.

A quiet spot in the garden to sit and enjoy.

A view showing the long curve of the garden, with the same plants repeated throughout the planting. Using the same plants multiple times helps draw a garden together visually.

Bee balm and daisies glowing with the sun behind them.

What a wonderful garden! I can’t wait for Adeline to send us pictures of what it looks like this year!


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  1. garden1953 03/19/2019

    Love, love, love your gardens! A sweet treat to enjoy with my morning coffee. Thank you for sharing.

    1. adeline_kong 03/19/2019

      Thank you very much, I’m yet able to finish my cup of coffee without getting up to do something in the garden lol

  2. nwphillygardener 03/19/2019

    What a gentle, dreamy garden you have created, Adeline. Can you tell us about all those twig structures that we glimpse in your photos? Are they fences, trellises, supports or simply there to lend sculptural intrigue?

    1. adeline_kong 03/19/2019

      Those twig structures were from garden trimmings. When I first started this part of the garden, I wanted the area to have an enclose feel to it, so came into existence, these trellis. I had in my mind, rambling climbers sprawling over the trellis, so far my attempt to keep the clematis alive in this spot had fail, now it’s home to a couple of thornless blackberry vines, sweet peas and whatever for the summer.

  3. User avater
    meander_michaele 03/19/2019

    Hi, Adeline, what a glorious and gratifying journey your garden has been on the past couple of years. I thoroughly enjoyed revisiting your previous submissions and can definitely see the difference in how your perennials are reaching their full potential. Your garden is like a Monet painting come to life...full of swirling colors and pleasing shapes...such a total delight.

    1. adeline_kong 03/19/2019

      Thank you, it’s been such a fun garden project, very satisfying indeed to see the area filling up and the feel of the place changes every season. The lesson learned along the way

  4. User avater
    simplesue 03/19/2019

    When I look at those photos I feel like I can feel the breeze carrying the scent of all those flowers! Gorgeous!

  5. User avater
    treasuresmom 03/19/2019

    Love that bee balm!!

  6. carolineyoungwilliams 03/19/2019

    There are a few gardens that I just absolutely adore and Adeline...your garden is high on that list. Your eye for color combination and the lay out that you've designed always amaze me. I look forward to you sharing your pictures. They are the ultimate source of Inspiration. Thank you.

    1. adeline_kong 03/19/2019

      Thank you Caroline, I’m amazed at how far I had progressed from sharing a little plot with my parents to be able to actually tackling and completing this size of a garden. Lesson learn, to just keep on going ,one flower bed at a time. It’s such a fun journey

  7. btucker9675 03/19/2019

    A late afternoon glass of wine, sitting in a red chair, surrounded by daisies and bee balm... perfection!

    1. adeline_kong 03/19/2019

      Thank you, my happy place on a hot summer’s day ?

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