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A Harmonious Vignette

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Photo/Illustration: Jennifer Brown

Delicate pinkish-purple flowers of Japanese toad lily (Tricyrtis ‘Sinonome’ ) peek through the swordlike foliage of a purple-leaved cabbage tree (Cordyline australis ‘Purple Tower’). This fall pairing was designed by Kai Hinkaty for the Jane Watson Irwin Perennial Garden at the New York Botanical Garden..

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  1. Deanneart 03/31/2011

    Lovely combination. really like the bold Cordyline spearing up through the delicate flowers

  2. stanhorst 03/31/2011

    What a nice contrast!

  3. nadwa 03/31/2011

    nice nice .. i hear a senphony from this photo

  4. user-7006900 03/31/2011

    Beautiful color echo. Great idea.


  5. Vespasia 03/31/2011

    What a lovely combination, I definitely plan to add the Toad Lily to my garden this summer.I love the delicate flowers.

  6. JardinDelSol 03/31/2011

    How about some info on that drop-dead gorgeous cordyline? I have tried with very limited success to grow phormium out here in the SW desert outside of vegas, and this cordyline is exactly the look I have been trying for. Who can tell me a bit about it - hardiness, sturdiness with extreme heat and moderate cold, etc etc...... It's a beautiful combo! We cannot grow toad-lily, but some of our penstemons would look beautiful with the cordyline.

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