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A broader view of Jane’s garden in Michigan

We visited Jane Sayed for the first time back in February (refresh your memory HERE), and I just knew there was more to see of her garde. And I was right!

Today she’s back, and says, “We are celebrating our 10th summer in our “new home”. We built the house, so the yard, which is sizable, was a blank canvas.  We had a wonderful landscape designer draw up a plan, and she put in most of the larger trees and shrubs. Then it was our turn to get to work.

There are seven free-standing beds in addition to the foundation plantings around the house. I have let the Shasta daisies and coneflowers multiply in the back gardens because I like the look of the big drifts in that space, and the deer leave them alone.

We ended up with a bit more of a slope at the back of the house next to the deck, which became a rock garden. There’s a lot of sedum groundcover, bellflowers, low-growing phlox growing on the bank, and at the bottom I have been adding more butterfly- and hummingbird-friendly plants the last couple of years.

We had a wet spring and a cooler than usual summer so far, which made the astilbe garden really pop this year. Thanks to the hard work of my husband, putting up deer deterrent fencing along the back of the property, I have some phlox in beautiful bloom for the first time this year, and I got to enjoy the lilies briefly before the deer found them. Now if I could just get rid of those rabbits!”

It’s so nice to see more of your garden, Jane, thank you so much. It’s beautiful!

Keep sending in photos of your gardens, everyone!

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  1. perenniallycrazy 07/31/2014

    Thanks for coming back and sharing a wider view of your gardens Jane! I really enjoy the drifts of perennials that you have planted all around - really catches one's eye. I empathize with the gardening challenges you and your family face but looks like you're doing more than great. Hope you come back in the fall and share your garden scenes then.

  2. User avater
    meander_michaele 08/01/2014

    So nice to see such happy astilbes, Jane...I just can't seem to get to get them to thrive in my east TN garden. Your swath of the rich pink and then white is very attractive and really lights up that semi shady stretch. And speaking of things that light up your woods' edge, what is the variety of hydrangea that have such bountiful blossom heads?
    Although this isn't a garden observation, I wanted to compliment you on your very handsome deck...I love the multiple levels. It has wonderful architectural interest and looks beautifully constructed. Looks like your cute pooch loves it, too!

    1. Mayflower60 08/01/2014

      The hydrangeas are Annabelle. They may do better in a northern climate if you aren't familiar with them......I know they do well in northern MI also. I have a number of pinnacle hydrangeas also, but they aren't quite in bloom yet. The deck gets a lot of use.....from the whole family!

  3. VikkiVA 08/01/2014

    Doesn't get much better than Astilbe in bloom! It is one of my best loved perennials and yours is beautiful. Great idea to plant the Shasta and Cone Flower in an area where they both can flourish and you can enjoy how they will FILL the space. Thank you for the visit to your beautiful garden. Vikki in VA

  4. NCYarden 08/01/2014

    Those are some great perennial borders and quite a collection of plants. I like the appeal of the variety. And those astilbes! lovely - my wife would be in heaven, as this is one of her favorite plants. Your garden certainly invites a casual stroll, but the pics will have to do. Thanks.

  5. greengenes 08/01/2014

    Hi Jane! Thanks for sending in more for us to see! Those darn deer and rabbits! But it looks like you are winning! Gorgeous are the hydrangeas and astilbes! Its all so naturally flowing. I must admit though,, I love the deck and the color! The hibiscus fits right in there!

  6. GrannyMay 08/01/2014

    Love the large swathes of perennials! And your white hydrangeas are gorgeous!

    Jane, my experience here is that the deer (and rabbit) populations keep growing proportionally to the increase in food supply. They will eat more and more varieties of plants as they make your garden a part of their normal feeding route. The only way to avoid becoming a feedlot for them is to put up a permanent, strong, tall fence around as much of the perimeter as is feasible. A dog doesn't hurt either! Meanwhile, we gardeners are optimists, so we keep on planting, and hoping!

  7. annek 08/01/2014

    You have such lovely views from your back deck. I can visualize a nice glass of wine with your poodle at your feet enjoying the scents, birds, butterflies and colors. So inviting and so glad you forwarded your summer photos!

  8. foxglove12 08/04/2014

    Gorgeous! I feel for you. I only have to deal with deer in my garden. I couldn't imagine both deer and rabbits...

  9. Stoatley 08/20/2014

    I've never seen astilbe look like that!
    Does anyone know where Tractor is?

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