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Behind the Scenes at the Monrovia Nursery

Learn how your favorite plants go from tiny cuttings to hardy, beautiful shrubs and perennials at your local garden center

Have you ever wondered where that new and exciting plant you just saw at the garden center came from? Or perhaps why certain plants are more expensive than others? In this exclusive video, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes tour of the Monrovia nursery in Granby, Connecticut, to see how plants go from a single cutting to a robust perennial or shrub. We’ll explore areas of a nursery that few gardeners ever see, from the soil-mixing facility, to production fields, and even to the coveted propagation houses. Monrovia grows an extensive, carefully selected collection of woody plants and herbaceous perennials for every gardener’s need, and some of these plants can take up to 10 years before they arrive at independent garden centers.

A surprising aspect of this detailed operation is the high level of sustainable practices that the nursery employs. From efficient irrigation systems, to a 90% capture of run-off water, to the use of integrated pest management, you’ll see how Monrovia plants are grown with planet-saving tactics in mind.

In this video you’ll also get a special preview of several brand-new varieties coming into local garden centers soon. These include the gorgeous Seaside Serenade® Glacier Bay Hydrangea and tough-as-nails Grace N’ Grit® White Shrub Rose. Horticulturist Mark Hixson, who is Monrovia’s East region customer service coach, is our tour guide through the nursery. Most of us like to know where our food comes from—if it’s possible to get that information—so why not take that practice and apply it to the plants that fill our gardens? With this all-access pass, you’ll finally understand where your blue hydrangea originated from and who was responsible for creating its beauty.


Exciting new plants mentioned in this video

Blue Enchantress Hydrangea

Seaside Serenade Glacier Bay Hydrangea

Grace N’ Grit Red Shrub Rose

Grace N’ Grit Pink Shrub Rose

Grace N’ Grit White Shrub Rose

Grace N’ Grit Yellow Shrub Rose

Grace N’ Grit Pink Bicolor Shrub Rose

Nitty-Gritty Peach Rose

Nitty-Gritty White Rose

Nitty-Gritty Red Rose

Nitty-Gritty Pink Rose

Nitty-Gritty Yellow Rose


For more about Monrovia nursery and their high-quality plants, visit monrovia.com.




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