What is it about viburnums that make them one of the most searched terms on the Fine Gardening website? The staff here are wondering if all of you out there (in cyberspace) want to know which one of the many cultivars are fragrant, or maybe which ones get those fabulous fall berries, or maybe you just need to know how to get rid of the aphids that infest your shrub every year...

So instead of wondering forever, we decided to simply ask: What do you want to know about viburnums? Your questions—and answers from our experts—may appear in an upcoming issue.

If you are searching for information on viburnums, please post a comment below—so we can finally have an answer to one of our most burning questions! 

Learn more about viburnums by reading Viburnums are Versatile Shrubs.

Use the Plant Finder to select a viburnum to grow. 

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