• bird eating berry in a tree

    Native Plants for the Birds

    I feel very fortunate to live near a tributary of the Delaware River, a stop on the great Atlantic flyway used by songbirds and raptors as they migrate between Central…

  • garden fence with gate covered in rambling rose

    A Warm-Climate Gardener Visits the North

    Today’s photos are from Teresa Watkins. Living in tropical gardening Zone 9b, I'm always excited to visit my husband's family in Taunton, Massachusetts, to envy their Zone 6b gardens. This…

  • female moose laying in a garden

    Moose in the Garden!

    Cheryl shared today’s photos of some unusual garden visitors. In gathering garden wildlife photos of bees, hummingbirds, butterflies, and birds, I realized there was also a recurrent large brown presence…

  • Design

    Butterflies and Other Garden Visitors

    Sheryl McHugh from Blythewood, South Carolina, sent in these incredible shots of visitors to her garden. A black swallowtail butterfly feeds on nectar from an azalea blossom. Like many butterflies,…

  • Design

    Regina’s Wildlife-Friendly Garden in Connecticut

    My name is Regina Melo, and I am a Brazilian American who has been living in Connecticut for the last 25 years. I started gardening about 16 years ago when…

  • Kitchen Gardening

    What’s the Big Deal About Native Plants?

    The Debate About Natives A debate rages in the gardening world about the role of native plants. Purists say only American native plants are appropriate for our gardens and landscapes.…

  • How-To

    Inviting Birds Into Your Garden

    Birds fill the landscape with song, courtship ritual, and building industry. They also eat up lots of garden pests. Most gardeners would welcome such useful residents. During the 15 years…

  • How-To

    Plants to Attract Wildlife

    The longer I garden, the more I come to appreciate the beauty, toughness, and benefits of native plants. They provide essential food and foraging requirements for wildlife and are often…

  • Design

    Take a Walk on the Wild Side

    I came to gardening through strictly utilitarian desires: the desire to eat and the desire to nest. My first garden was an urban pea patch, which produced a surprisingly abundant…

  • Bracken Cave Preserve.
    Kitchen Gardening

    Adopt a Bat for Halloween

    Bats are often portrayed as a scary icon for Halloween, but what’s happening to these fuzzy flying mammals is more terrifying. Here’s how gardeners can help.