• close up of yellow trout lily flowers

    Ohio Natives in Bloom

    Spring is when the native wildflowers in the woods really show off. I love this time of year, when I can go out to look for all my favorites in…

  • easy-to-grow wildflowers for the Southwest

    Easy-to-Grow Native Wildflowers for the Southwest

    Brilliant wildflower displays are legendary in much of the Southwest, but they don’t occur every year. In fact, a widespread display only happens about once every ten years or so.…

  • close up of light pink flowers with yellow centers

    Unusual Beauties From Wiley

    Today’s photos are from Wiley Bennett in Charlotte, North Carolina. Shooting star (Dodecatheon meadia, Zones 4–8) is a beautiful and not too commonly grown native wildflower. Tiarella cordifolia (Zones 4–9)…

  • pink grass widow flowers

    Grass Widow Is a Charming Late-Winter Native Plant

    One of our favorite Washington State native wildflowers, grass widow is a doughty, deer-resistant spring ephemeral that shares the same dauntless spirit of its namesake, David Douglas, the intrepid Scottish…

  • close up of Texas bluebonnets

    Debra’s Bluebonnets

    Today we’re off to Texas to visit with Debra Castle. I am a Master Gardener in the South Plains of Lubbock, Texas, home of Buddy Holly and Mac Davis, which…

  • Design

    Replacing a Lawn With Wildflowers

    My name is Gail Bromer. I created mostly shade gardens at my home in Connecticut for over 30 years before transplanting to the mountains of western North Carolina four years…

  • Design

    A Wildflower Labyrinth

    Today’s photos come from Eric Kimbrel. Here is a photo of the Wildflower Labyrinth where I work at Southern Highlands Reserve in Lake Toxaway, North Carolina. The Southern Highlands Reserve…

  • Design

    Celebrating an Iconic Wildflower

    Today Alice Fleurkens is sharing some photos of beautiful spring wildflowers from friends of hers. My friends Bruce and Anne Holdsworth have sent me some pictures of their trilliums to…

  • Partridge pea

    4 Fall-Blooming Wildflowers to Plant in Spring

    Even though we are in the middle of spring wildflower season, it’s not too early to start planning for fall wildflowers in your garden. In fact, you need to plant…

  • Article

    Enjoying Wildflowers

    Whether they are growing naturally in meadows or woodlands, or if we’ve given them a home in our garden, native wildflowers are always worth treasuring and enjoying. Here are a…