• planning a firewise landscape

    Planning a Firewise Landscape

    With urban expansion pushing communities farther into natural areas, wildfires are growing more and more problematic for homeowners. Subdivisions and individual homes surrounded by natural landscapes face special wildfire risks.…

  • aeoniums

    Firescaping in Northern California

    "Fire season" is a reality for Northern California gardeners beginning in late summer through fall, with fire concerns mounting steadily each year. Wildfires threaten—and sometimes consume—wildlands, farmlands, and homes. Though…

  • How-To

    Firescaping and Wildfire Recovery: An Interview with Douglas Kent

    Fine Gardening's Christine Alexander spoke with Douglas Kent this past spring to learn about landscaping tactics that can help protect a home from wildfire and about ways to speed a…

  • How-To

    Summer’s Here – Colorado’s Burning – Who’s Next?

    Do you live in an area vulnerable to fire? If you said, "That's not me; I don't live in the Wild West," think again. Last September, 100,000 acres of northern…

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    Fire-Wise Landscaping: How Safe Is Your Home?

    Perhaps you are thinking, "Wildfires only happen out west." The last time I checked, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, was on the Atlantic coast. The fire that broke out there on…