White Flowers

  • close up of a clump of double snowdrops

    A Tradition of Snowdrops

    Today’s photos are from Jane Donelon. Back in 2008 my son, Jim, brought my daughter, Jean, and me some snowdrops (Galanthus species and hybrids, Zones 3–8) from his New Jersey…

  • close up of a small tree with white flowers

    Not Your Ordinary White Flowers

    Today’s photos are from Lynette Rodriguez. My husband and I garden professionally in northern Illinois, Zone 5b. Together we have more than 60 years of gardening experience ranging from general…

  • close up of white flower with skinny petals

    White Flowers in a Sustainable Garden in LA

    We shared our garden before (Sustainable Gardening in LA), and now we would like to share photos of some white flowers in our yard. Grandma planted this sweet alyssum (Lobularia…

  • close up of large white moon flowers

    Favorite White Flowers

    Hi GPODers, This is your editor, Joseph. GPOD submissions are very slow this time of year, with most of us settling in to wait out the winter, so I’m taking…

  • Design

    Garden Design that Looks Great After Hours

    After a busy day, you need rejuvenation. You want the renewal that comes from putting aside work, to-do lists, and digital devices. You need to pause before rushing into dinner…

  • ‘Lady Beatrix Stanley’

    Snowdrop Varieties Worth Obsessing Over

    Passions are born in strange ways, and serendipity often plays a part. In December 1983, my husband and I purchased our home, not knowing that a treasure trove of snowdrops…