whimsical design

  • old row boated turned into a garden bed

    Deb’s Whimsical Garden

    Hello! This is Deb Jedynak, a Master Gardener living in Zone 6b, Holland, Michigan. Although autumn has crept in to allow summer to fade away, I'm still planting in the…

  • diverse container plantings with bright pink flowers and foliage plants

    An Artist’s Garden Containers

    Today’s photos are from Jolene, who is sharing the beautiful garden that her mother, Tina Iosca, has created. We’ve been lucky enough to visit this beautiful garden before: The Secret…

  • mini garden that has a mini stone house as a focal point

    Making Miniature Garden Worlds

    I’m Serome Hamlin, and I’ve been gardening at my Zone 7b/8a Virginia home for over 20 years. I consider myself a plant nerd and have started making miniature gardens I…

  • whimsical elf house built on a tree stump with blue door and trim

    Creative Recycling in a Woodland Garden

    My name is Paul Brothe, and I live and garden in Newburgh, New York. (See a previous visit to this garden.) In 2020, I cleared an overgrown part of my…

  • miniature house surrounded by little white flowers

    Wayne’s Idaho Railroad

    Wayne Decker is inviting us into his railroad garden in Chubbuck, Idaho. We’ve visited before (Wayne's Garden Railroad), and now he’e sharing how thing are looking as spring turns into…

  • frog sculpture in the garden

    GPOD on the Road: Tofino Float’em Garden

    Today’s GPOD comes from frequent contributor Cherry Ong and features a very cool public garden that she stumbled upon on a very rainy day in Tofino, British Columbia. This garden…

  • miniature railroad landscape with tiny plants

    Wayne’s Garden Railroad

    Today Wayne Decker is sharing photos of an unusual backyard garden. These are a few pictures I have taken of the garden railroad I am building. I live in Chubbuck,…

  • edible plants growing in terra cotta pots

    Fanciful DIY Kitchen-Garden Container Ideas

    Sometimes it’s best not to ask why. I kept reminding myself of this as I toured the annual Festival des Jardins, the garden festival held at the Château de Chaumont…