• white wisteria plant

    A Milder-Mannered Wisteria With Stunning, Fragrant White Blooms

    Wisteria is a vine that has always intrigued me, with its distinctive growth and flowering characteristics and its capacity to thrive almost anywhere. It’s a familiar, fragrant landscape component in…

  • Tangerine Beauty crossvine

    Winter-Flowering Vines for the Southwest

    Flowering vines make such a beautiful addition to any fence, landscape, or container. The options are varied in the Southwest, but even in winter you can enjoy some vibrant blooms…

  • Design

    Fast-Growing Perennial Vines for Northern California

    Homeowners take great pride in their homes and gardens but can often be faced with a displeasing view or unattractive chain-link fence that begs for obscuring. Luckily, many problems can…

  • Design

    Woody Vines for the Northern Plains

    Vines can be an intimidating element of the landscape, with their rambling and climbing nature. However, when placed in the right spot, vines can provide a look and fill a…

  • Design

    Bold Tender Vines for Your Summer Garden

    Certain vining plants, or those that can be trained similarly, provide many functions in the garden. Vines may perform the role of a spiller in a mixed arrangement. Their flexible…

  • Design

    The Loved and Lost List

    Today’s photos come from Jane Donelon. As I gaze at my snow-covered garden, I wonder what will make it through this winter. The constantly changing conditions of nature alter my…

  • Design

    Gorgeous Vines for Shade and Privacy

    Gardeners are often looking to create areas of shade and privacy in their gardens. Flowering vines are a beautiful way to do both. Arbors, fences, and trellises can be made…

  • Design

    Episode 37: Vines Worth Buying

    We’re not talking about English ivy or climbing roses—but an array of far cooler plants

  • Design

    Some Favorite Plants

    Today’s photos come from Kelly Gage in North Carolina. An unusually heavy December snowfall for North Carolina totaled 15 inches! It wasn't fun to drive in, but it sure was…

  • Article

    Seed to Fork

    Today we’re visiting Meg Cowden’s garden. We live in the western Twin Cities of Minnesota and enjoy a short and intense growing season. We relish pushing the season to its…