• potting soil spilling out of a container

    Potting Soil Put to the Test

    In their natural environment, plants get everything they need to stay healthy from the soil: water, nutrients, and air. Most well-established plants living in soil rarely need more than an…

  • How-To

    How to Use Vermicompost on Your Plants

    You've got a pot full of rich vermicompost in your hands. Now what do you do with it?

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    Brew a “Texas-Sized” Batch of Compost Tea

    This method of brewing compost tea is on a much larger scale, so you can water larger areas more efficiently.

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    Vermicompost as a Soil Amendment

    You may have heard that worm castings make an excellent addition to the soil in your garden beds. But what's the scoop on worm poop?

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    How to Start a Worm Farm

    These days it seems like almost everyone is talking about keeping chickens in their backyard or raising dwarf goats on their property. If you’re feeling left out, you can start…