uncommon plants

  • tree with pink samaras

    Underappreciated Trees for the Northern Plains

    If your garden needs a new small tree, you should look beyond the usual candidates and add something different that will diversify your landscape. Here are some of the most…

  • Design

    A Cohesive Garden Built From Uncommon Plants

    If I were to describe my garden as a collector’s garden, what would come to mind? Would you see an attractive, relaxing garden? Someplace you’d like to be? Or would…

  • Design

    Best Plants to Add Texture to Your Garden

    Upon visiting my garden for the first time, a designer friend of mine walked around shaking his head, saying, “The texture, oh, the texture!” At first, I wasn’t sure this…

  • Design

    Unique Varieties of Common Plants

    For years, my mom cooked magnificent meals with an old-school brown enamel Caloric oven. It was so vintage that you half expected to find Duck à l’Orange roasting inside. I…