tropical plants

  • Mojito elephant’s ear

    ‘Mojito’ Elephant’s Ear Has Fabulous Foliage

    While this elephant’s ear is by no means new, when you see it you can’t help but want to shout its praises from the rooftops. At least that’s how we…

  • large plant with purple flowers in front of multicolored lilies

    Pat’s Scottish Garden

    Today we’re off to Scotland to visit with Pat Colston. We live in Perthshire, around 12 miles from the east coast of Scotland at an elevation of 143m. Our cottage…

  • bright yellow and pink orchid flowers on a tree

    Kimberly’s Florida Garden

    My name is Kimberly Pruett, and I live in Cape Coral, Florida. Gardening is my passion. My family moved into our home about three years ago, and the yard had…

  • patio looking out on garden with tropical plants

    Linda’s Subtropical Garden

    Today we’re headed to Florida to visit Linda Robert’s subtropical garden. My mom and I started working on what we call "the jungle garden" 17 years ago. It was just…

  • Tropical-Looking Plants

    Tropical-Looking Plants for Hot Southern Summers

    To us, tropical-looking plants are plants that thrive in the heat and that add a lot of bright color to the summer garden. They are perennial but disappear for the…

  • side garden full of tropical foliage plants

    Helena’s Florida Paradise

    Hello, my name is Helena Mahoney. I am 87 years old and live in Vero Beach, Florida. I have been reading Fine Gardening ever since I became a certified Master…

  • tropical plants with orange flowers

    Lynn’s Coastal Mississippi Garden

    Today’s photos are from Lynn Naquin. This is my garden paradise in the coastal Mississippi city of Bay Saint Louis. We have about 1/2 acre, and it is filled to…

  • green papaya growing on a tree

    GPOD on the Road: Allan Gardens Conservatory

    Barry Severn is taking us along on a trip to Allan Gardens Conservatory in Toronto. These kinds of urban conservatories are wonderful anywhere but are nearly essential in cities with…

  • garden path leading to water feature

    GPOD on the Road: Miami Beach Botanical Gardens

    Today Joseph is taking us along on a visit to Miami Beach Botanical Gardens. Sited in southeastern Florida, it is in USDA Zone 11a, which means temperatures usually never dip…

  • canna in a late season garden

    The Magical World of Bill and Linda Pinkham’s Garden

    Today’s post is from Amy Birdsong, who is sharing with us a trip she took to an amazing private garden in Virginia. Bill and Linda Pinkham are artists, daylily breeders,…