• Design

    Tips for Getting Weeds Under Control Early

    Spring is the best time to get weeds under control (or even eliminated) from your beds and borders. The following tools and maintenance tricks will help you get things off…

  • Pitchfork with ingredients to make compost

    6 Ways To Make More Compost

    My grandmother, who managed a working farm in my birthplace of Malta, gave me my first lesson on soil health when I was about seven. As we harvested lettuce for…

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    5 Easy Vegetable Garden Hacks

    Vegetable gardeners are known for their clever work arounds to take some of the work out of growing their gardens. Here are five of the easiest garden hacks to start…

  • How-To

    Gardening Time-Saving Tips

    Whenever I hear of gardeners who spend hours a day in their gardens, I get insanely jealous. As a mom and wife with a full-time career, I’m lucky if I…

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    Veggie Garden Tidbits, Volume I

    Here’s the first volume of random, yet helpful tips and thoughts to feed your garden brain.

  • Kitchen Gardening

    Garden Supplies on the Cheap: Thrift- and Dollar-Store Edition

    Here's a cool list of garden goodies you can score at your local dollar or thrift store.