• various houseplants climbing up and trailing down a pillar

    El’s Dream Indoor Garden

    My name is El, and I have always been surrounded by plants. My original interest in succulents and the fun in propagating them led me to creating my dream indoor…

  • close up of trailing succulent with pink-tipped leaves

    Ebony’s Favorite Succulents

    I’m Ebony, and I’m from southwestern Louisiana. I’ve been growing succulents for nearly six years, and it’s been such a great hobby for me. I’m a wife, mom, and pharmacist,…

  • container planting of large unique succulents

    Kathy’s Design for Her Son’s Los Angeles Garden, Part 2

    We’re back to see the garden that Kathy Sandel designed for her son in Los Angeles. She leaned into the sunny climate and embraced the design of his new home…

  • adaptable plants

    6 Knitter Plants That Can Tie a Garden Together

    Among the diverse combinations, several adaptable players help to knit the different parts of the garden together, thriving in a variety of microclimates and design aesthetics. See how Dan Johnson…

  • close up of potted succulents in the garden

    From Barren Plot to Urban Oasis

    Today we’re visiting with Max Cannon who gardens in south San Francisco, California: Our garden started as a barren plot of concrete and hard-pan clay in 2017, our mission has…

  • Design

    GPOD on the road: Potawatomi Conservatory

    This is your GPOD editor, Joseph, from my frozen garden in northern Indiana. Winter has well and truly arrived for me here, we’ve had a few snows, good hard freezes.…

  • succulents that grow on a windowsill

    Vibrant Succulents to Brighten Your Indoor Space

    Succulents thrive in arid, often harsh climates, with abundant bright sunshine year-round and little to no regular water. They have adapted to such conditions by developing thick, fleshy leaves and…

  • Design

    Cacti and Succulents for Cold Climates

    Many succulents, including cacti, can survive outdoors where winters are cold. These long-lived plants bring four seasons of living sculpture to a sunny, well-drained garden, and they offer up striking…

  • plant with spires of variegated foliage and blue flowers

    More California Beauty from Steve

    Steve, who gardens in Los Angeles, keeps sending in beautiful photos, so I keep sharing them! If you missed his previous posts, you can catch up here: Steve's Southern California…

  • growing echeverias

    How to Grow Echeverias

    The inward spiral of rosette-forming plants always seems to draw us in. From Romanesco broccoli to golden barrel cactus (Echinocactus grusonii, Zones 9–12), many plants grow with mathematical precision that…